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6 Ways to Play Winning Gambling Games


You can list an entire page with gambling games that are never going to let you win. On the other hand, you can list games that can be beat in a short paragraph. The important thing is to know the difference between the games on the two lists.

This is what you’re going to learn in this article. You’re also going to learn why the rules and the way you play the right gambling games is what determines how much you can win or lose.

The final three sections in this article give you specific instructions about the top gambling games you can play and win.

1 – Gambling Game Issues

The big problem with most gambling games is that no matter what you do, you can’t win. You can get lucky and win a few times, but the longer you play the more money you lose. Of course, this is exactly what the businesses that offer gambling want to happen.

In order to be a wining gambler, you have to identify the small list of gambling games that can be beat. This is a short list, and before you’re done with this article, you’re going to know what the three best gambling game options are.

The three best gambling games that are listed in the last three sections of this page aren’t the only games you can beat. But they’re the three that give you the best chance. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the best options are easy to beat.

The fact is that beating these games is extremely difficult, and only a small percentage of gamblers ever learn how to do it. Keep reading to learn how you can join this small percentage of profitable gambling game players.

2 – How the Gambling Rules Influence Your Returns

Every gambling game has rules, and the rules set the house edge and return to player ranges. Some games have low returns, like some slot machines that return less than 90%, and some games have high returns, like some blackjack games that return 99.6% or more.

The rules for playing slots are simple and don’t really change much from machine to machine. The rules at blackjack tables vary from table to table, and some rule sets offer much higher returns than other rule sets.

This means that you need to learn more about two things. The first thing is what games offer the best returns, and the second thing is how the rules influence the return in the best games.

For example, if you’re going to play blackjack, you need to know what all the rules are, what variations are used, and how each variation changes the return percentage.

Some gambling games with a high return use the same rules all of the time. Baccarat has a bet option that has a high return, and the rules are basically the same at every table. In this case, all you can do is know what the best bet option is and make that bet every time you play.

3 – Everything Else Is How You Play

Now is when you start learning how to actually play gambling games in a way that gives you an opportunity to win. Everything that you’ve learned to this point has been about finding gambling games that have a high return. Now you need to learn how to push the return into profits.

When you concentrate of playing gambling games that have a high return, the fact is that as long as you’re playing a game that has an edge for the house, even if it’s a small edge, it’s still going to cost you money.

This is how most gambling games are supposed to work from the house perspective. But you don’t have to do what the gambling house wants you to do. You can learn how to play gambling games in a way that helps you win.

This starts with learning and using the best strategy for whatever gambling game you’re playing. But this isn’t enough. You have to take things to the next level.

You can find great blackjack games and use perfect strategy and you’re still not going to win in the long run. But there is a way to beat blackjack and a few other gambling games.

4 – Play Blackjack to Win

Blackjack is the number one game I recommend for smart gamblers who want to have a chance to win. This is because you can access information for an advanced strategy to win. You’ll find resources everywhere, including in books and articles online.

The advanced blackjack method that you can use to win is called “card counting.” Smart blackjack counters know how to use their minds to track cards as they’re played and adjust their bet sizes when they have an advantage.

By adjusting your bet size up when you have an advantage ,you win enough to overcome your losses on other hands. This isn’t exactly easy, and there’s some risk. But there’s more risk in playing blackjack without using this technique and losing all of the time.

Many different levels of counting systems exist. If you’re an experienced blackjack player, you can start with a system like Hi Lo. But if you’re more of a beginning blackjack player, start with a simpler system like the Ace 5 or the speed count.

As you gain experience you can advance to a better system, though, Hi Lo is the system used by many professional blackjack gamblers.

5 – Bet on Sports to Win

The next gambling game to consider if you want a realistic chance to win is betting on sporting events. Sportsbooks that offer the chance to bet on sporting events have an edge overall, but this doesn’t stop smart bettors from making money.

Sportsbooks make money by charging a small fee on every bet they take. This fee is returned to you when you win a bet. But when you lose a bet, the sportsbook keeps this fee as profit. The book then pays out the winners on the other side of the game with the remaining money from the losing wager.

The reason why this is important is because if you learn how to handicap games and make bets using good lines you can win enough to make a profit even though you have to pay vig on your losing wagers. If you want to be a good enough sports gambler to make a profit you have to start studying sports teams and players.

Accurately evaluating games and players is an important skill, but it’s no more important than locating good lines and getting enough money down on these games and lines to make a good long term profit.

6 – Play Poker to Win

The final game on the short list of winnable gambling games is poker, and it’s the best game in some ways. Casinos try to identify winning blackjack players and ban them from playing. Sportsbooks identify winning sports gamblers and limit the amount of bets they can make. But poker rooms don’t care how much you win at the poker table.

But learning how to be a winning poker player might be the hardest of the three games in this article. It can be done, but it takes a lot of work. You have to master a number of strategies in order to make a long term profit.

The way I learned how to play winning poker was a combination of reading and practice. I read every good poker book I could find, read online articles by respected poker authors, and played all of the time. I spent years learning and losing, but I eventually improved and started winning.

You’re probably going to need to follow the same path. But the path is worth it because you can learn how to win consistently playing poker.


The main issue when you’re trying to play gambling games that you can win is identifying the games that are designed in a way that gives you a chance to win. This might sound strange, but most gambling games aren’t built this way.

When you identify a gambling game that gives you a chance to win, the next step is to find versions of the game with the best rules. Some games have rule variations you can take advantage of, while others use the same rules in every game.

Everything else that you do to win when you gamble comes down to how you play. Another name for this is strategy, and you have to use strategy if you want to be a winning player.

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