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6 Ways to Stop Losing Slots Play


If you want to stop losing money when you play slots, you have two choices. You can either learn how to stop losing, or you can simply quit playing.

The likelihood is that you probably don’t want to stop playing slots, so I’ve put together a quick guide that shows you how to stop losing so often when you play slots.

On this page, you’ll discover about six ways to stop losing money at your favorite slot machines. You’ll learn how to play as long as possible, no matter what size bankroll you’re working with.

1 – Do You Have to Risk Cash for Entertainment?

The best way to avoid losing when you play real money slots is to not risk any money. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t play slot machines.

Some slots players don’t think that they can get the same level of excitement playing slots for free that they get when they play for real money. But how long has it been since you tried it?

Every online casino that I’ve played at, and there have been around 100, allows you to try out their slot machine games for free. And you can find free slots games in many apps and on sites that don’t even offer real money play.

Playing slots is more about entertainment than winning money. It has to be about entertainment because you’re not making money playing slot machines now. In fact, nobody can beat the slot machines in the long run because of the casino’s edge.

Instead of looking at playing slot machines as a form of gambling, start looking at it as a form of entertainment. You can still get all of the excitement of watching the reels and trying to win, but without the cost.

It’s true that some slots players can’t get the same level of excitement without risking real money, but some players can enjoy free slots just as much as they enjoy real money slots.

2 – How Slots Take Your Money

Do you know how slot machines work? Do you understand how they’re programmed? You don’t have to know how slot machines work or how they’re programmed to play. But if you learn how they work, it might help you decide if you should still be playing them.

I’m not going to give you a lesson on computer programming, but I am going to explain why you can’t beat the slots over time.

Modern slots developers create products that operate on a computer program, much like everything else that you do on a computer. Computer programs do exactly what they’re designed to do. They don’t do anything that they’re not designed to do.

Slot machine programming is designed with one goal. It takes a small percentage of the money that you and every other player feeds into it and keeps it. Every slots game has a percentage of profit programmed in that guarantees that the casino makes money.

The programmed percentage works over the life of the machine. This means that in the long run the percentage is always realized. The only way to win when you play slots is to get lucky and to play when the machine is paying out more in the short term.

The problem is that there’s no way of knowing when this is going to happen.

3 – Risks on Every Spin

Now, you’re fully aware that slot machines are programmed to take your money. When you’re conscious of the fact that each slots game takes a percentage of all of the money that you feed the machine, it’s easy to see that the more money you put in the machine, the more you’re losing.

If you play 2,391 spins at $1 a spin, you risk $2,391. If the machine is programmed to take 7% of the money it takes in, you’re going to lose $167.37.

What happens if you bet $1.50 on every spin instead of $1? Instead of risking $2,391, you risk $3,586.50. And this means that instead of losing $167.37, you lose $251.06.

However, if you risk .50 on every spin, you lose half what you lose when you bet $1 on every spin.

The simple lesson here is that you lose less when you make smaller sized wagers. This seems like common sense, yet I see slots players betting $2 or more on spins all of the time. You’re much better off in the long run to find a machine that has quarter bets than betting higher amounts.

4 – The Risk of Speed

Do you know the other way that most slots gamblers risk more money than they need to?

If you play slots for six hours and take 520 spins every hour, you play a total of 3,120 spins. But what happens if you only play 400 spins every hour? You only take 2,400 spins.

Look at this in terms of how much you’re going to lose like in the previous section.

At $1 per spin, you risk $3,120 taking 520 spins every hour and you only risk $2,400 when you take 400 spins every hour. You risk less taking fewer spins, which directly leads to fewer losses.

Here’s what most slots gamblers do. They spin the reels just as fast as they can until they run out of money. Then, they’re done playing slots until they get more money. But you don’t have to play this way.

Playing slots is just as fun taking 400 spins every hour as it is taking 520 spins every hour. It still plays at a fast pace so you won’t get bored, but you can play longer. And you lose less money over the same period of time.

5 – How to Play Slots for a Longer Period of Time

If you find that you can play slots without risking any money and get the same level of entertainment like I covered in the first section, then you can play slots forever. But even if you decide that you need to risk some cash when you play, there’s a simple tactic you can use to play for a lot longer than you’re playing now.

Let’s say that you currently can play slots for four hours on $200 betting $1 on every spin. Here’s how you can play for 60 hours or more on the same $200.

The first thing to do is find a good online casino that doubles your money using a bonus. This instantly makes it so that you can play eight hours if you don’t change anything else.

The next step is to play on a machine that only costs 25 cents to play, instead of $1. This lets you play four times as long.

And the final step is to play half as many spins every hour as you used to play. This doubles how long you can play again.

This means that you can play 64 hours instead of four on the same $200 bankroll. This isn’t quite as good as playing for free, but it does stretch your slots playing time.

6 – Slots Gambling System Myths

This section doesn’t have to be long because I can tell you everything you need to know about slots gambling systems in a single sentence.

Slots gambling systems don’t work.

And the reason why slots gambling systems don’t work is because of the way the machines are programmed. They use random number generators. And you can’t beat that or outsmart it. If you know what you’re doing and can hack the system that runs a slot machine, then you could alter the results.

Of course, if you do this, then you’re committing a felony and likely going to end up in jail.

I know that some slots gambling systems sound like they can work, and you can even find people that swear that they work. But most of these people are trying to sell you their slots gambling system.

Most gambling systems are scams. Most of them have always been scams, and that may always be the case. It’s better to save your time and money! Just play slots if you want some entertainment and accept the fact that you’re going to lose a majority of the time. A slots gambling system isn’t going to change your results.


I understand the thrill of watching the reels and waiting in anticipation of hitting a win when you play slots. But do you really need to risk cash when you play the slots to be entertained?

You might find that you can get the same level of excitement without risking real money. The top online gambling sites always offer the ability to play for free, and when you feel like risking money, you can.

But keep in mind that slot machines have always been the simplest way for casinos to make money off of players. And once you understand how this works, you can understand why you’ve been losing so much money at your favorite slot. You’re probably betting too much and playing too fast, and this makes your losses amount faster.

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