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6 Winning Deuces Wild Strategies for Smart Gamblers


If you want to play Deuces Wild video poker in the same way that smart gamblers do, then we’ve got good news for you. The good news is they use rather simple strategies to gain an edge over the casino.

And if you want the same results as winning gamblers, all you really have to do is do the exact same things they do. That’s what you’re going to learn in this article today.

Below, you’ll find six winning strategies that smart Deuces Wild gamblers use to help them win more often when they play.

1 – Beware the Wild Card Trap

Some video poker players play games that have wild cards because they think it gives them a better chance to win. Other video poker gamblers don’t play on machines with wild cards because the games are a little more complicated.

Smart video poker gamblers don’t care if a machine uses wild cards or not. These gamblers focus on playing at machines that give them the best chance to win.

The things that dictate your chances of winning are the pay table and how you use strategy on your hands. Notice that the use of a wild card, or wild cards, isn’t on the list. You’re going to learn more about these things in the rest of this article.

The problem with wild cards is that most gamblers think of them and use them in a way that doesn’t give them the best chance to win in the long run. Instead of focusing on the best return on each hand, they use a wild card to chase hands that don’t offer much in terms of return.

For Example:

You know you might get a wild card to complete a draw to a big hand, but it’s more profitable to play for a lower hand. Smart gamblers always draw to the more profitable hand. Losing gamblers usually draw to the hand that looks better and don’t often think about profitability.

2 – Play Deuces Wild Online, on Mobile, and Live

Smart Deuces Wild gamblers always play where the best machines are. You’re going to learn more about the importance of Deuces Wild pay tables before you finish this article. But for now, you need to understand that smart gamblers don’t care where they play.

The only thing they care about is playing where the machines are that give them the best chance to win.

If the Deuces Wild machine that gives you the best chance to win is in your local casino, this is where you should play. If the best machine is in an online casino, you should play there. If you find the best machine in a mobile casino, this is where you should play.

You can find good Deuces Wild machines in all of these places, so there’s not really a best place to play. But it’s easier to find the best machines in online casinos and in mobile casinos. This means that the fastest way to find the best Deuces Wild machines is almost always to play real money video poker online or in a mobile casino.

3 – Learn About the Best Deuces Wild Bonus Offers

One thing that’s different between playing live Deuces Wild and electronic Deuces Wild is you can use a bonus when you play online or mobile games. But most of the available bonuses actually end up being worse than playing without a bonus.

You Might Be Asking How a Deuces Wild Bonus Could Ever Be Bad

A Deuces Wild video poker bonus is only good if you can expect to clear it before you lose more money than the bonus is worth. At first, it looks difficult to determine how much it costs to clear a bonus, but you can use a simple trick to quickly see if a bonus is good or bad.

Find the requirements for clearing the bonus in the terms. Determine the total amount of money you have to bet, then multiply this amount by the house edge. This shows you how much you can expect to lose.

If the amount you can expect to lose is less than the amount of the bonus, it’s a good bonus. If it’s higher than the bonus, it’s a bad bonus.

For example, let’s say that you claim a $200 bonus but have to bet a total of $100,000 to clear it. Using a house edge of .3%, this means you can expect to lose $300. This is more than the bonus, so this is a bad bonus offer.

4 – Use Deuces Wild Strategy Charts

Smart Deuces Wild video poker gamblers know that the only way to maximize their returns when they gamble is to use strategy. This means that when they get a starting hand, they play it a particular way based on maximizing the return for that hand.

Every Deuces Wild hand can be played multiple ways. But only one of these ways returns the highest long-term return.

The key in this situation is knowing the best way to play your hand. And the best way to learn how to play each Deuces Wild hand is by using a Deuces Wild strategy chart.

Here’s How to Find a Deuces Wild Strategy Chart:

You can either buy a chart in a casino gift store or in most bookstores that carry a large selection of gambling books. You can also buy a set of video poker strategy cards on popular sites like eBay and Amazon.

Another option is to search for a chart online, but you have to be careful about where you find a chart on the internet. You need to make sure that it’s from a trusted source, because anyone can post anything on the internet. I recommend finding a chart or card at an online store that may sell playing cards or poker chips and the like.

5 – Understand How Bad Pay Tables Aren’t Worth Your Time

You just learned how important using Deuces Wild Strategy is, but strategy is only going to take you so far. In fact, even with the perfect use of Deuces Wild strategy, you still aren’t going to get the best long-term return if you play on machines that have the wrong pay table.

It’s possible to find a Deuces Wild pay table that can pay over 100%, but these machines are extremely rare. In fact, most Deuces Wild gamblers may never find even one of these machines in their entire life.

The main pay table that smart Deuces Wild gamblers look for, and play, is called a Not So Ugly Ducks or Not So Ugly Deuces table. It’s easy to find these machines in mobile and online casinos, and most big land-based casinos have them.

When you play Deuces Wild on a machine that uses this pay table and do it the right way with proper strategy, then you can get a return over 99.7%. This makes Deuces Wild the best option for smart gamblers in almost any casino.

6 – Learn How Fast to Play and How Much to Risk

The speed in which you gamble is directly related to how much you lose when you gamble. In other words, in almost 100% of the cases, the faster you gamble, the more you lose.

This is true when you play most video poker games, including Deuces Wild. But your speed of play isn’t the only thing that dictates how much you lose when you gamble. Playing on machines with the right pay table and how you play each Deuces Wild hand also have a lot to do with how much you lose.

Another important thing you need to know about playing Deuces Wild video poker is that your return is actually higher when you bet five coins on a hand than when you bet one coin on a hand. This doesn’t make sense to many gamblers, but when you look at the bonus that you receive for the top hand, then you can easily see why this is true.

If you want to reduce your losses when you play Deuces Wild, you need to play slower. But you still need to bet the maximum coin amount of five coins instead of the smaller amounts.


Playing Deuces Wild video poker in the same way that smart gamblers play it is easy once you know exactly what they do. Smart Deuces Wild gamblers know that they have to play on machines that use the right pay table, and they know that they have to use basic strategy every time they play a hand.

The only difference between playing Deuces Wild video poker in a live casinos and at online casinos is how easy or hard it is to find a good machine. It’s definitely a lot easier to find the best machines at the top-rated online gambling sites. You don’t even have to get in the car!

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