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7 Keys for Winning at Online Casinos


Online casinos are more popular than they’ve ever been. Every day thousands of gamblers are making a move to these digital casino platforms.

Obviously, logging in online is vastly different than walking into a brick and mortar establishment. However, these 2 are more similar than most people think.

Try these 7 keys for winning at online casinos, and you’ll soon find yourself cashing out with a pile of money.

1 – Choose Your Casino Wisely

The casino you choose is more critical online than in the real world. To start with, there are casino sites that exist solely to grab and not let go of your money.

These scam sites aren’t nearly as prevalent as they were a decade ago. Still, it’s an unfortunate element of the online world. Doing your due diligence, which means basic research, can largely avoid these sites relatively easily.

Customer reviews are critical when doing any online shopping, and shopping for an online casino isn’t any different.

Banking options are another important factor when choosing your new gaming home. Some casinos deal strictly in cryptocurrencies. Others will mail you a check directly rather than an electronic transfer of funds.

When the online casino pays, withdrawals can be as imperative as to how. For example, many casinos will only process withdrawals on certain days of the week.

This can further delay you receiving the requested funds by days. I’ve heard horror stories of it taking more than 2 weeks from a request being made to the bank releasing the money to a player.

Of course, 2 weeks is still a lot better than never.

Customer service is probably the most commonly overlooked area of an online casino. Players get excited to hop into action and give little to no thought about what will happen when something goes wrong.

Try to contact the site’s customer support before signing up. If you’re satisfied with response times and the level of professionalism your inquiry receives, then you may be heading in the right direction.

The selection of games is the first thing players look for in an online casino. It’s important to make sure the rules of the games meet what you’re looking for.

Picking the right online casino boils down to doing the necessary amount of research. There are far more great choices than poor sites available.

2 – Leverage Those Deposit Bonuses

The bonuses you can earn with online casinos are the number one draw for many gamblers.

The most common bonuses are deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses are how one online casino tries to stand out from other casinos.

The casinos lure new players in by matching a dollar amount or percentage of your initial deposit. This sounds great to almost everyone. It’s pretty hard to find anyone that doesn’t want free money.

Let’s look at the most popular types of casino bonuses.

Welcome bonuses give players a set dollar amount anytime a new player opens an account and deposits money.

Deposit bonuses are a matching bonus. The casino will match a percentage or dollar amount of your deposit. So, you may get 100% up to a certain dollar amount, or you could get 50% on any deposit you make.

The deposit bonuses are changed regularly, and it’s one more reason to shop around when selecting a new casino.

Once you’re established in your new casino setting, be on the lookout for referral and loyalty bonuses. These bonuses are used to retain current customers and gain new players.

You should know that these bonuses come with some pretty stringent wagering requirements. The wagering requirements will typically tie up the bonus money, and any wins until the requirements have been met.

Regardless of the jumping through hoops necessary to free up the funds, online bonuses are an amazing tool for gamblers to stretch their gambling bankroll.

3 – Play Games That Favor The Player

Much like playing in a land-based casino, you should stick to the casino games that give the player the best chance to win.

For this reason, games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack are a few of the best games in online casinos.

There are a few rules that will turn these games from leaders of the pack to total duds.

For instance, playing on a double zero roulette wheel will double the house edge. The same can be said for blackjack that pays 6:5 instead of the traditional 3:2.

Baccarat is usually pretty even until you start taking the tie bet. Craps can even be a fairly safe play if you stick with the Don’t Pass or Pass line bets.

As with land-based casinos, slot machines are going to have some of the highest house advantages in the casino. You’re better off playing almost any other casino game. Video poker actually has the best payout in the casino.

Stick to the games most likely to turn you into a winner, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

4 – Study Advanced Strategy

As is the case with most endeavors, the more you know about a subject, the easier you’ll succeed.

Video poker has a tremendously low house edge, under 1%. When a skilled player finds the right game and follows a strategy chart religiously, they can actually hold a slight edge over the casino.

These are the types of edges you should be looking to gain on every game in the casino. You won’t always be able to tip the scales in your favor.

However, you can diminish the house’s edge on almost any game you find.

Blackjack is a casino favorite because players are involved with making a decision on every hand they play.

Many players fail to realize that there’s a formula for how you should play any possible hand based on the dealer’s up card.

The basic blackjack strategy is proven to diminish the house edge to under 1% when played on every hand.

The best part is that you don’t have to learn anything. Basic strategy charts are commonplace, and you can print one right from your home computer.

Spend the hours to learn and incorporate the best strategy to your favorite game. It will pay dividends down the line.

5 – Stop Chasing Losses

I can think of few more detrimental behaviors in casino gambling than chasing losses.

There are going to be occasions when you get out of the gate slowly. It may seem like things are spiraling out of control from time to time.

You need to remain calm and keep a clear head. If you’re comfortable with the house edge, the math will work out in the long run.

Players can quickly grow frustrated or impatient and start to raise their bet sizes to recoup losses. Throwing good money after bad is one of the biggest casino gambling blunders you can make.

When you start chasing losses, you put your entire gambling bankroll in peril. Still, I constantly see players wager a much higher piece of their bankroll than they should.

Poker players call this type of clouded judgment going on tilt. The gamblers seem to get tunnel vision, and their sole focus is to win it all back in one big swing.

Nothing will drain your bankroll faster than chasing losses.

6 – Keep Your Mind Sharp

Staying mentally fit is vitally important to winning at real money online casinos.

Players under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not in the proper mental place to gamble effectively. You’re essentially just handing the casino cash by the fistful.

Keep your wits about you at all times during casino gambling. It can be tempting to give yourself a heavy pour when you’re already home and in bed for the evening.

Avoid this temptation until your session is over. I have seen many casino wins wiped out in the flash of an eye when a player goes over the line.

7 – Know When to Walk Away

Possibly the most difficult casino skill to learn is knowing when to walk away. Savvy casino gamblers seem to have developed a sixth sense about when to walk away.

I can’t sit here and pretend that I understand this skill, but I can provide some insight.

The most critical angle is leaving the table a winner. It’s great to go on an extended winning streak, but you need to understand that it’s going to end at some point.

Veteran casino gamblers understand the importance of setting a strict time limit to their gambling sessions. Once the timer reaches zero, that’s a wrap.

Having a realistic win limit is another way to protect those wins. Of course, these limits mean nothing if you don’t stick to them.


Casino gambling doesn’t have to be a losing proposition. Use the 7 keys for winning at online casinos to turn your fortunes around.

Always make sure that you’re having fun while gambling online. After all, the entire point is to enjoy yourself.

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