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7 Ways to Play Better Craps Without Strategy


I can cover the best craps strategy in a single sentence. Use only the don’t pass or pass line wager, and back it with full odds. This gives you the best chance to win at the craps table.

But there are other things you can do to become a better craps player beyond this simple strategy. Most of these tips involve reducing or controlling your losses, and they’re just as important as using good strategy.

Here’s a list of seven ways you can become a better craps player that don’t have anything to do with strategy. Combine these seven tactics with the simple strategy and you’re going to see better results when you play craps online.

1 – Contrarian Craps Play

Most craps payers lose when they play, so a smart thing to do is watch what they’re doing and look for different ways to play. This is true for most online casino games.

Every craps series starts with a come-out roll. You can bet on the pass or don’t pass space on the table. These are normal wagers, and you need to make one or the other of these. But beyond one of these two wagers, you need to do the opposite of what most craps players do.

The first thing you’re going to do when a point is set is back your original wager with an odds wager. Many craps players ignore this option, but it’s the best wager on the table.

The next step is to ignore all other betting options. Craps players make all kinds of wagers, but every other option just makes you lose more money. Don’t be like most craps players. Make your two main wagers, and don’t make any other bets.

2 – Make Smaller Average Wagers

Real money craps is the same as other casino games in some ways. It’s designed so that the casino makes money and the players lose money. And the more you risk playing craps, the more you lose.

This is why you should never risk more than the table minimum when you make your come-out roll wager. And the lower the table minimum bet is, the better.

I’m going to cover this in more depth in the section about playing craps online, but the table minimum bet amount is usually quite a bit lower when you play online or in a mobile casino. This means you can limit your losses even more when you play online or on a mobile device.

But even if you always play live craps, stick with the lowest possible come-out roll wager to limit your long-term losses.

3 – Stop-Loss Considerations

Limiting your losses when you play craps is just as important as increasing your wins. Both things do the same thing, which is leave more money in your pocket.

A powerful way to limit your losses is to use a stop-loss limit. This works well when you play craps, but it works equally well with any gambling activity.

A stop-loss limit is simple an amount that you choose before you start gambling. If you lose this amount, you stop gambling immediately. You can set your stop-loss limit at any amount that you want. So, this doesn’t really need to change anything about the way you play craps.

The main thing a stop-loss limit does is make sure that you never keep playing when you reach a certain loss point. If you don’t have a stop-loss limit, you might be tempted to keep playing to try to make up some of your losses.

This is always dangerous, because you’re more likely to lose more than make up some of your losses. This is why using a stop-loss limit is so valuable.

When I set a stop-loss limit before I play, I only take the money equal to my limit to gamble with. That way, there’s never a doubt about when I need to stop. If my stop-loss limit is $400, I buy $400 worth of chips and start gambling.

If I run out of chips, I’m done gambling for the day or session.

4 – Stop-Win Considerations

You can also use a stop-win limit. A stop-win limit is a great way to lock in a profit when you play sometimes. And just like a stop-loss limit, you can set your stop-win limit at any level you want.

A stop-win limit works the same basic way that a stop-loss limit works. Anytime that you reach your stop-win limit, you should quit playing immediately.

Here are some of the options for setting a stop-win limit, using the stop-loss limit in the last section:

  • A stop-win limit of $400 with a stop-loss limit of $400
  • A stop-win limit of $200 with a stop-loss limit of $400
  • A stop-win limit of $100 with a stop-loss limit of $400

The thing to understand is that the higher you set your stop-win limit, the more likely it is that you’re not going to reach it. On the other hand, when you set your stop-win limit too low, you might hit it soon and wrap up your real money gambling.

I like to use stop-win limits because when you hit it, you lock in a profit for the session or trip. Play around with a few different stop-loss and stop-win limits to see what works best for you.

5 – Don’t Bet on Every Roll

Craps is a good game to play in the casino. When you stick with a simple strategy, it has a low casino edge. And the way craps is designed, you don’t have to make a new wager on each roll of the dice.

When you make a come-out roll wager, you leave it in play until the wager resolves. This can take several rolls. And when you make an odds bet, you leave it in play until it resolves.

On a roll where a point is set and isn’t resolved for many rolls, you can have two wagers working without risking any more money. This is a good way to limit your losses.

Many craps players feel like they need to keep making wagers while waiting for a come-out roll to resolve, but this just increases their risk. Don’t bet on every roll to limit your risk.

6 – Online Craps Is Usually a Better Option

The game of craps is the same whether you play on a mobile device, play online, or play in your nearest casino. All of the odds and wagers are the same, but online and mobile craps offers a few benefits that live craps doesn’t.

The main benefit is that you control the speed of the game when you play mobile and online craps. You can play slower than when you play live craps, so you risk less money.

Online and mobile craps also have lower bet limits, so you can limit your risk even more. And some mobile and online casinos give craps players a bonus when they play for real money.

Online craps play doesn’t change your odds of winning no matter what you do. But it does give you ways to play longer and limit your losses.

7 – Explore Controlled Shooting

This tactic is surrounded by controversy, but it’s something you need to learn about so you can make a decision about whether or not it can help you. Some craps players believe that you can control the dice enough when you shoot them to alter the outcome of your wagers.

Most craps players don’t believe that dice control works, but if it does work even a little bit, you can use it to make money. I’m not going to tell you if it’s realistic or not, but I recommend checking it out for yourself.


Doing the opposite of what losing gamblers do is usually a step in the right direction, and craps play is no different. Control your losses by using smart bet sizing and stop-loss limits. And lock in a win from time to time by using stop-win limits.

Don’t feel like you have to place a new wager on every roll of the dice. Make your two smart wagers, and let them ride it out until they resolve. This reduces your total risk and lowers your losses.

Check out the benefits if you’re playing craps online and see if controlled shooting is real or not. When you do all of these things, combined with using a simple craps strategy, you’re in a good position to win when you play.

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