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AI’s Place in Keeping Online Casinos Safe


The term artificial intelligence in pop culture brings with it ideas of sentient machines and human-like androids. In reality, applications of AI are far less terrifying, but no less effective at accomplishing their goals. As one of the many industries that benefit from these systems, online casinos have been increasingly utilising such technology to generate appreciable improvements.

Nowhere is this as obvious as in the realm of safety, a naturally enormous concern for websites and players both. While not overt in their implementation, AI within online casinos is everywhere, playing a huge part in making online casino systems as popular as they are today.

An Invisible Hand

Properly implemented, a user won’t even know that AI plays a part in the digital gambling experience. Consider a modern online casino as an example. On one of these services, a user will only see the welcoming aspects of a website. Deposit matches, free spins, and a range of games like live titles and slots are great for the player, streamlining what is offered into a seemingly simple package. Yet if taking a look at these components individually, the AI behind the scenes begins to show its hand.

The Payment Process

Relating to welcome offers, the safety of a user’s payment information in online casinos is paramount. Any chances of harm here could lead to the likes of identity or financial theft, which both sides obviously want to avoid. For this reason, the third-party websites from which casinos take their payment services are built with the highest standards in mind.

The act of crafting these safety systems is performed by humans, but the testing, that’s largely in the hands of AI. In simple terms, this is necessary because of the wide range of ways that people can interact with payment systems, not all of which are predictable in any rational sense. To probe for weaknesses then, a fast-acting and randomised computer system, AI, must be introduced.

Utilising a set of test parameters, AI can run a security system through all levels of load and input, detailing where everything goes to plan, and when the unexpected occurs. This information is then interpreted by people, who work to patch holes and repeat the process until safety is an effective guarantee. Combined with proper website protocols, what could be an enormous threat is now a humdrum part of the online experience.

Game Security

The games for online casinos operate in a similar fashion, where they’re built by humans but tested en masse by AI. For games, any errors could result in big wins for players being rendered invalid or, on the other end, might quickly bankrupt a casino through incorrect payouts. To test this, AI works to play thousands upon thousands of games, far faster than any dedicated team of humans could.

Each betting quantity, each click, each level of server load, all these aspects, and more are challenged by AI as it searches for gaps to attack. Again, just like in payment systems, success results in a bulletproof system for everyone, where failure can only occur through some sort of extremely rare accident.

When they work, most people will never even know that AI was there. That said, an enormous part of all online systems, including casinos, owe no small part of their safety to the automated work of machine intelligence. It might not be as exciting in action as the AI you see on TV, but make no mistake, real AI is infinitely more useful.


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