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Ape In Poker launches new crypto and web3-focused poker room


Ape In Poker announced Friday the opening of its Poker Room, described as an online platform bridging traditional casino with cryptocurrency and web3 technology. The founders behind the brand have experience in gaming, having housed an online casino and sportsbook for the last five years, a press release explains.

The team aims to simplify the transition from traditional to web3 poker play for the average user, “optimizing the user experience for any level,” a statement read. For instance, starting with their NFT mint launched on August 20, the project will be offering numerous options for purchasing: cryptocurrency, credit, debit, Apple Pay and Google Pay will all be available. 

For users with a more advanced cryptocurrency and NFT knowledge base, they will still be able to connect directly to the Ape In Poker website with their privately owned cryptocurrency wallets, eventually across multiple blockchains. Less experienced users will have the option to connect with a project team member to help assist them with getting an understanding of wallet safety and security as well as web3 basics, crypto 101 and even online poker tutorials. 

To celebrate this announcement, the brand will be releasing an exclusive Genesis Players Card NFT, Ape In Poker announced.

— Ape In Poker – MINTING NOW (@ApeInPoker) August 22, 2022

The Ape in Poker NFT mint process itself will be hosted on their own website, which has “impressive security measures in place and the most advanced Solana NFT minting technology to date,” according to a statement.

The NFTs will be minted and the art and attributes of the NFTs will be revealed post-mint. The NFTs will also leverage Crossmint, a Stripe Credit/Debit/Apple/Google Pay payment processor, which will allow users the option to mint the NFTs and create a Solana wallet for a user to hold the NFT in. The users will only need an email address or phone number to mint an Ape In Poker NFT.

The Ape In Poker Genesis Player Card NFTs will also provide holders with perks and utility, both online and in person. Holders will receive a reduced amount of rake for every hand won on the site for life. They will also have the ability to stake their Genesis Players Card NFTs and earn house tokens which will be accepted on the Ape In Poker Site, as well as the Casino and Sportsbook.

— Ape In Poker – MINTING NOW (@ApeInPoker) August 22, 2022

“With rarity integrated and the opportunity to upgrade your minted Players Cards, Herculean NFTs are the ultimate goal,” the company said. These Players Card NFTs will get holders access to VIP areas at poker events “all over the world,” as well as free gifts when presented in person at different events, and reduced entry into real-life tournaments, including the Main Event following the inaugural Ape In Poker Tour, hosted this New Year in Las Vegas with a $1 million guaranteed prize pool.

Web3 Advisor and Strategist David Galan said: “The hard work, talent and commitment from the team of developers has been incredible and an honor to witness and be a part of.”

From the beginning, the Ape in Poker team wanted to bring a multi-layered NFT project to the poker community to further bridge that Web2 to Web3 gap in a way that is easy to navigate and ultimately, truly valuable to its community and NFT holders. They have definitely been able to achieve that and so much more,” he added.

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