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Betting on Arcade Games & Skee-Ball?

Betting on Arcade Games & Skee-Ball?

Are there really plans for betting on arcade games at Dave & Buster’s? Believe it or not, the restaurant chain is really going to allow guests to gamble on a variety of games for real money! However, not everyone is happy about this, and a showdown may be brewing!

Dave & Busters has announced that they are going to start allowing betting on arcade games for guests in their restaurants! From skee-ball to basketball, and from arcade classics to virtual reality, all you have to do is download their app and start betting! The company has over 160 locations in more than 40 states, including some that aren’t so friendly toward gambling. But their plan is to allow players to challenge each other (and bet against one another) on these games…
not bet against the house, or Dave & Busters.

Now the company is not using terms like “betting” or “gambling” themselves because technically their position is these are games of skill and not games of chance. It’s just going to be curious to see how long it takes before some state steps in and tries to put an end to this. Oh, wait… some states are already stepping in  and trying to put an end to this. Yes, just days after Dave and & Buster’s made this announcement, lawmakers in Illinois filed a bill they’re calling the “Family Wagering Prohibition Act” to put an end to such nonsense… and they’re not the only state that’s worried about this.

Regulators in Ohio say that they have serious concerns about betting on arcade games, too… claiming it violates state law. Regulators in Pennsylvania are also concerned, and are taking a hard look at the company’s  plans. So yeah… that didn’t take long!  We’ll keep an eye on this situation to see how many states step up to oppose David &Busters on this issue… and just how far David and Busters is willing to push this fight.

And finally this week, if you cannot make it to a Dave and Busters to do some betting on arcade games, maybe you can at least make it to the Pinball Hall of Fame the next time you’re in Las Vegas. We just released a video featuring this site, located on the Strip near Mandalay Bay. And hey, they don’t just have pinball. They also have arcade classics, claw machines, even air hockey! And guess what? All the games take quarters! You can find this video on our YouTube channel.


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