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Can You Bet on Election Results in America?


With just weeks to November some may be wondering if it’s legal to bet on election results in America. We answer that question, plus look at gambling news about political betting from Europe. There’s also a game review and Coronavirus news from Las Vegas.

Hello my friends! Thanks so much for streaming another edition of This Week in Gambling where we have new games to tell you about… big jackpot winnings to share… and an update from Las Vegas. But first, it’s this week’s big story! The US elections are now less than three weeks away, and damn! I’ll be happy when this whole process is over! No more yard signs! No more political commercials! No more lies! No more pandering! I’m J.Todd and I approve that message!

That does beg the question, however: Can you bet on election results? And the short answer is: Why sure! Just not legally! Not in Las Vegas! Not anywhere in America! But why? Believe it or not there seems to be some concern that if money were on the line and odds were being calculated, that somehow would make the election process unethical. Really? Really?? You think that gambling would be the element that made US politics unethical? Really? Seems to me that if there were any legitimate concerns about the integrity of politics in America they could start by putting an end to PACs! Or maybe place term limits on congressmen! Or… I don’t know. How about outlawing that legal form of bribery they call “lobbying”?

If you really want to bet on the upcoming American election, however, you do have options. All you got to do is get on a plane and head over to Europe! In fact, bettors over there have already placed over $150 million on our upcoming presidential election… with most of that money riding on Joe Biden. And even if you can’t bet on elections here, you can still participate in the process. You know, by voting! In fact there are four states where sports betting legislation is currently on the ballot this November. And who knows? Your vote could make a difference!

Personally, I don’t really care too much about who wins the election. Because no matter which special interest groups are able to get their candidates into office, we’re all pretty much screwed and just along for the ride! And when it comes to the presidential election, it’s kind of like when you’re really hungry and go into a restaurant… but the only choices they have are a shit sandwich and a turd burger, and you gotta choose! But neither one is really that appetizing.

Now don’t move from where you are because when we come back news from Las Vegas about the Coronavirus. And for all you slot lovers, there have been some massive jackpots won over the past month including a $1.2 million hit on Wheel of Fortune slot.

We do have a new game review to share with you quickly for a game that may already be in a casino near you! It’s the Zorro Wild Ride slot, a multi-denomination game from our friends at Aristocrat. It comes with wilds multipliers, progressive jackpots, and infinite free game re-triggers! You can find that review and hundreds more when you visit our YouTube channel.

And finally this week, even though there haven’t been a lot of headlines out of Nevada about COVID-19 lately, there have been nearly 90,000 cases in the state since the pandemic began! Most of those in Las Vegas! And recently, one such case caught my attention: The director of Nevada’s COVID-19 response team, Caleb Cage, has tested positive for Coronavirus! So apparently he went looking for it, and found it! Not that it’s that important… just sort of funny and ironic.


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