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Competitive Video Gaming and Online Betting


The eSports gaming industry and competitive video gaming is being seen by many jurisdictions in the U.S.  as another… and a new, revenue for their state’s coffers. A recent article in Gambling News discussed the new incentive that has just recently came to pass in the state of  New Jersey. It said that apparently, Gov. Phil Murphy is feeling cautiously optimistic about eSports betting in the Garden State. “At least this is what we make from the governor’s decision to sign a bill into law that allows betting operators to start accepting wagers on competitive video gaming.”

The bill was signed this November and it effectively paves the way for eSports betting in one of the youngest and most populous states in the country. The bill was originally pushed by lawmakers who saw the value in advocating for more liberal eSports gambling rules. During the pandemic, many sportsbooks in New Jersey turned to various esports competitions in a bid to make up for the dearth of regular sports events which were suspended due to the pandemic. The article continued: “Yet, esports’ own merits were also factored in the language of the bill. A sponsor of the bill, argued that eSports has achieved significant growth over the past years and that competitive video gaming presents an opportunity for betting businesses to generate additional revenue.

The bill was originally introduced in March and it sent ripples across gaming communities in the United States… (it) faced very little opposition along the way and received final approval by both legislative bodies in July, leaving it to Gov. Murphy to sign off the draft and pass it into law… This has now happened with esports developing rapidly. Most sportsbooks were oblivious of the benefits to their bottom line that eSports can generate.” Active companies in the markets today include: Esports Technologies, PLAYSTUDIOS, Rush Street Interactive, Roblox Corporation, and MGM Resorts International.

Gambling News added: “While the bulk of the action is still focused on three main gaming titles, name League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a growing number of people are turning towards esports wagering.  Even some mainstream sports fans are interested in placing bets on the FIFA and NBA2K simulators developed by Electronic Arts. New Jersey isn’t the only state to have taken steps towards the legalization of eSports betting on a state basis.”

The competitive video gaming article said that other states are ready to follow suit: “Connecticut featured eSports betting language when introducing interactive sports gambling and Nevada has been actively probing the matter. While the eSports ecosystem is fairly new from a betting point of view, there seems to be a growing level of interest.  Suppliers such as Betsy Games and Esports Technologies have been evolving their offer to feature more eSports-ready products for business clients who may soon be interested to have a compliance-ready project to fire off.”

 Esports Technologies, a leading global provider of award-winning advanced eSports wagering products and technologies, announced today that the launch of its affiliate platform Through this program, affiliates could receive a commission based on confirmed deposits and revenue generated. This multi-faceted esports solution combines secure and reliable wagering with industry-leading odds, effective promotions and targeted cross-selling.

Key benefits of include:

  • Customized commission plans: works with partners to create plans that are precision-tailored to specific wagering verticals, including casino, esports and sports.
  • Industry-leading esports odds: Parent company Esports Technologies has the quantitative analytics resources to deliver competitive odds with support for multiple markets in 140 jurisdictions.
  • A thriving ecosystem: Monthly and weekly promotions keep players engaged, while free-to-play opportunities draw new and returning users.
  • A position of influence: Esports Technologies has forged strategic alliances with cultural icons and brand ambassadors such as Jordan Clarkson and Clinton Sparks that will help convert casual fans.

Michael Holm, Affiliate Director, Esports Technologies, said, “ will harness the robust intellectual property of Esports Technologies to offer a best-in-class wagering experience that consistently optimizes conversion and retention, generating maximum revenue for our affiliate partners. We are excited to welcome affiliate partners from all over the world, and we look forward to working with them in a way that’s mutually beneficial.”


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