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Details on Amazing New Las Vegas Resort

Details on Amazing New Las Vegas Resort

Can a new Las Vegas resort become the tallest, most luxurious in all of Sin City? The folks at LVXP real estate development seem to believe so! And they have plans to build a new, multibillion dollar complex on the north end of the Strip!

You know, Vegas is always changing. We just said goodbye to the Tropicana. The Mirage Volcano is on its way out. But at the same time we’ve recently welcomed Fontainebleau and the Durango Casino. And now this: Plans have been announced for a new destination Las Vegas resort on the North End of the Strip where the old Wet and Wild waterpark used to be located. And while we don’t yet know the name of this new hotel, here’s what we do know.

Developer LVXP has plans for what they are calling an ultraluxury, multi-billion dollar resort, and they’re working with renown Las Vegas architects Steelman Partners, who also designed the Circa in downtown and the Crockford’s Resort at Resorts World. Pans for this 27 acre parcel include a 2500 room hotel with a casino and a 20,000 seat arena. And while there are no official renderings of what this new Las Vegas resort will look like, it will have retail shops, a variety of dining options, underground parking, and even an NBA ready Arena… you know, just in case the city gets a basketball team.

It would also be the tallest building in Las Vegas, and the city’s only seven star resort! Geez! Seven stars? I didn’t even know they went that high! Now, we’ve all heard these stories about new, amazing Vegas resorts before. Some of them happen, but a lot of them don’t. So how serious is this developer about this project? Well, they’ve already paid off the $20 million lean on the property, if that’s any indication. LVXP plans to submit permit applications to Clark County this summer, and hopes to break ground in early 2025.

And while we’re on the topic of a new Las Vegas resort, whatever happened to Dream Las Vegas? We recently visited the construction site for the Dream Las Vegas project again. When we were there last year, construction was completely stopped. And today, construction is completely stopped. However, it did look a lot different than what we saw last summer. Some progress had been made, but the question that you may be wondering is, will Dream Las Vegas ever really happened? Will it finally come together? Where are they with the financing? And why has construction stopped again?

Dream Las Vegas broke ground back in 2022, after being delayed by the pandemic. Plans were to build a 530 room hotel with fine dining, nightclubs, a convention center, and a 20,000 square foot casino. Last summer when we visited there was no one working, and all activity had stopped. Reports were that the developer owed close to $30 million. However, in January of this year word came that new financing had been secured, and that construction would begin again in the spring.

When we returned to the site this year, some progress had been made. However, once again there was no one working, and all activity had stopped. It’s difficult to say if this project will ever be completed, as the developer has been slow to share information and does not respond to emails or phone calls. We’ll keep an eye on the site and an ear open for updates, but for now the “dream” of this amazing new Las Vegas resort is beginning to look like a giant nightmare.


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