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Dig This Las Vegas – Heavy Equipment Playground

Dig This Las Vegas – Heavy Equipment Playground

Ever wanted to play on a bulldozer? Then you have to get out to Dig This Las Vegas, just minutes from the Strip! We visit the good people at Dig This, the family friendly heavy equipment playground! Spend a few hours driving bulldozers, excavators, and caterpillars… oh my!

And Dig This Vegas is the perfect place to spend the afternoon with friends or have a birthday party! Plus, Dig This Las Vegas has group packages, a shutter service, and even options for catering and a bar service once the digging in done!

Hello friends J.Todd out here in the Nevada desert. I’m about 10 miles outside of Las Vegas at Dig This, and we’re going to have some fun today running heavy equipment. Dig This is a place where you can come and have fun driving heavy construction equipment! They have a bulldozers, excavators, and it fulfills people’s dreams of running these heavy construction machines.

People from all over the world to come here, and it’s not like you can go just anywhere and do this. In Las Vegas you can go drive a race car or fly to the Grand Canyon, but nothing quite like this. It’s possibly a once in a lifetime chance. Drive bulldozers up and over a hills, or play basketballs with the excavators. Even kids as young as 2-year-olds can participate!

At Dig This Las Vegas you can actually get on a real machine and start digging. They welcome birthday parties and big groups, too. There is a safety class for you once we get there, and then you have fun. They have kill switches, so if anybody gets out of control or starts feeling a bit too frisky they can kill the machine. But it’s more of a piece of mind thing.

This family friendly fun adventure lies just 15 minutes outside of Las Vegas Dig This provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to relieve frustrations, build a sense of confidence, and have an adventure like no other! With activities for visitors of all ages, including those with disabilities, where else can you drive bulldozers, excavators, and a skid steers in air conditioned comfort? They also have a Car Crushing event, where you come out here and literally crush a car… and that’s a blast. I mean, you can take a lot of aggression out crushing a car!

You can book digs for individuals or families, including kids as young as two, and group packages are available. Dig This Las Vegas is open from 8:00 am till 4:00 pm, 7 days a week. It’s best to make a reservation instead of simply showing up, as you may be turned away of they are full that day. Summertime is slower for business.

Contact them directly at 702-222-4344, or 702-832-3450. You can also visit them on their website here: Dig This


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