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EmuCasino’s Latest Greatest News from Eddy Himself!


Hey everyone! In case you don’t already know me, I’m Eddy, the one and only emu who rules the roost at EmuCasino which is naturally my home! With the help of my best friend Dingo, I’ve been doing everything I can to make sure that EmuCasino is the online casino of choice for anyone who loves having fun from the comfort of their own home. It doesn’t matter if you love online slots, roulette, blackjack or some other type of online casino game; we’ve got an ever-expanding library stocked with the best titles from the best providers in the industry for you to go wild over!

…What is it? Why are you looking at me like that? Oh, are you wondering why I’m here? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s the EmuCasino Blog and EmuCasino is my home so it was only natural that I’d wander over here eventually, don’t you think? After all, I spend most of my time and energy making sure all my friends have the most fun possible when they’re visiting me and now that includes appearing right here in all my feathery glory! As the emu running this place, I know all the latest happenings here and that makes me the best bird around to tell you what’s up!

Putting the Emu in
EmuCasino (That’s Me!)

For those of you I’ve never officially met before, I suppose
a proper introduction is in order. I hatched in 2012 and discovered my love for
online casino games when I was just a chick. Aside from being the point where I
started building my impressive game collection, this also led to me meeting
Dingo who quickly became my best friend. Once I was old enough, I decided that
being the face of EmuCasino wasn’t enough for me and started working hard to
turn my home into the best possible version of itself. I haven’t stopped since
and if my friends’ opinions are anything to go by, I’m doing a pretty good job.

On that note, I’m always trying to come up with creative new
ways I can reach out to my friends even if (or rather especially if) it’s all
about having fun together and (finally!) appearing in EmuCasino Blog is only
one of it. Sure, I host a lot of parties (which are super swell parties, if I
do say so myself) and I know everyone has tons of fun at them but sometimes
even I feel like I need to do something more – more exciting, more
eye-catching… more everything, really.

Wouldn’t you know it; I came up with a really cool idea all
on my own that seemed like such an obvious thing to do that I feel a little
feather-brained for not thinking of it sooner! To top things off, I’m finally
free to share another piece of fantastic news: I was actually approached a
while back to collaborate on a really interesting project – I naturally said
‘heck yes!’ – and I couldn’t be prouder to share more about it with you!

Has your curiosity been tickled? Well, I don’t want to keep
you in suspense so let me tell you about the newest and most exciting
developments at EmuCasino…

EmuCasino’s Top 5
Video Series

It’s probably not widely known but I actually have a YouTube
channel that I mainly use to share videos about the newest title in my online
casino game library and the occasional sneak peek into an upcoming party of
mine. For so long, I never really thought about what else I could do with it…
and then it struck me: Why don’t I make my own videos about the games in my
library and put them there for everyone to see? They would essentially
celebrate everything worth celebrating and maybe even more than that!

That was how EmuCasino’s Top 5 series came to be, and now every month I release a grand total of four videos that feature – you guessed it – the top five of four respective categories. Each month, I pay tribute to the newest, most popular and most rewarding games as well as the biggest winners based on actual data from EmuCasino so go check them out!

The Slot Show, EmuCasino-Sponsored Web Series

I’ve kind of been itching to share this bit of news for a
while and now that I can I’m so excited I can barely peck straight! You see, I
was approached by a group of slot enthusiasts early this year with a crazy –
and by that I mean crazy awesome – proposal: a theatre-inspired web series
about everything slots that would serve as a platform through which people
could learn more about the world of slot games in a really fun and entertaining
way. I told them they had me at ‘slots’ and said yes to helping them get

Appropriately named The Slot Show, my new pals’ video series lives up to its motto of being “where the reels keep spinning” without fail. Every episode covers an interesting, insightful or just generally fun aspect about the slotverse so you’ll learn about a wide variety of topics as the series progresses. I even helped out a little more directly than usual with their debut episode which featured the fan favourites for the month of April at EmuCasino. If anything I’ve described spins your reels, go spin your way over there right now!

Whew! That turned out to be quite the debut post but I think I did all right. Anyhow, I’ll be popping my head in here every now and then starting today so I’ll be seeing all of you again soon enough. In the meantime, have fun exploring EmuCasino Blog and playing your favourite games!

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