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Exciting New Things for Las Vegas in 2024

Exciting New Things for Las Vegas in 2024

Amazing events, new performers, concerts, sporting events and more are headed to Las Vegas in 2024! Plus, new plans for the Mirage Volcano and a new residency at the Las Vegas Sphere! As we head into 2024, what will happen with Dream Las Vegas? Will the Mirage Volcano be torn down? When will the new baseball team start playing? And whatever happened to the Harlem Nights Resort?

Hello my friends! And welcome to our very first show of the year with all the amazing stuff headed to Las Vegas in 2024! And just like us, the Mirage Volcano has returned for the New Year! The question is: For how long? Plus, who’s going to follow U2 in residency at the Las Vegas Sphere? But first, this week’s big story is all the amazing stuff headed for Sin City in 2024. From concerts to new casinos to sporting events… and there’s no sporting event bigger in America than the Super Bowl!

Taking place in about a month’s time at Allegiance Stadium, tickets are still available and they cost about as much as a nice used car. Of course, football isn’t the only game in town. Las Vegas is getting a baseball team as well, but not this year. Construction of a new big league ballpark won’t begin until 2025, but that means, my friends, that the Tropicana could shut its door at some point this year.

And speaking of the Tropicana, and all Las Vegas resorts, it seems like there’s always another one on the way. Las Vegas in 2024 will be no different, but as for now construction has yet to begin for the new Tillman Fertitta casino project, located on the Strip across from Aria, permits have been filed but a couple of months ago a spokesperson for the company said that there were no new updates to share.

Then there’s the Harlem Nights project, located near downtown on the historic West Side of Las Vegas. Now the owners have changed the name of the proposed resort from Harlem Nights to simply… the Westside. However, city planners have yet to approve any plans for the 30 story high rise.

Next, there’s the stalled Dream Las Vegas project, located near the airport, which is in the process of  securing more financing. The hope is to get construction back on track this year, with an anticipated opening date sometime in 2025. Of course, no discussion about Las Vegas resorts would be complete without mentioning The Mirage.

As most of you know, the Mirage was sold to Hard Rock a while back, and their plan is to transition the Mirage into the Hard Rock at some point this year… or… sometime. But the big news is what they plan to do with the Volcano attraction this month into next!

But first, who’s going to replace U2 when their residency at the Las Vegas Sphere ends this spring? How about some Phish? Yes, when legendary rockers U2 leave the Sphere in early March, Phish will move in to perform four shows, from April 18th through the 21st, and tickets are already on sale!

And finally this week, as most of you already know, the beloved Mirage Volcano will be ripped out at some point this year so that it can be replaced by the new Hard Rock guitar-shaped Hotel. What you may not know, however, is what they plan to do with the Mirage Volcano the week of the Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas in 2024! Before we say goodbye to the beloved attraction it will become the Mountain of Entertainment… a fan focused, snow covered venue featuring content from shows on the Paramount Network like Yellowstone and the Transformers.

If you’re wondering why why the hell they’re doing this, you’re not alone. As we discussed at the beginning of this program, the Super Bowl will be played in Las Vegas this year, and the game will be carried on the CBS television network. And the CBS television network is owned by Paramount, and Paramount’s logo is… well, a mountain. A bit labored, but they made it work.


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