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Exotic slot gaming adventures


Join us as we go on some of the most wild and peculiar adventures the slot gaming world can offer. From mysterious caves to enchanted forests, we’ve got some unforgettable destinations lined up. We’ll also meet some fascinating characters along the way that can help us to win big and score some dazzling bonuses.

Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad

Thought the laws of physics were concrete did you? Thought you had reality figured out did you? Well, follow the white rabbit down its hole and you may just find yourself in a miraculous alternate dimension known as Wonderland where time runs backwards, where wisdom flows seamlessly from a talking cat and where the jackpots are exquisite. It’s time for Alice to step aside as you go on your own adventure, making the madness your home as you hunt for that next epic win though Wonderland’s enchanted forests.

In this land of unending peculiarities, you will sometimes chance upon magic doors which will bless you with Free Spins and multipliers. If you happen to find them, be sure to give thanks to the ancient spirits of the forest for blessing you with such good fortune. For every spin, Wilds will be collected throughout the Rolling Reels play. During Rolling Reels, winning symbols are removed and replaced by new ones, thereby increasing your chances of more wins. Once the Rolling Reels feature is complete, the progressive wheel feature may be activated (the more Wilds you collect, the more chances of triggering): spin the wheel to win 1 of 4 jackpots.

Madame Destiny Megaways

There’s no time for a grand mystical adventure like on this magnificent starry night. Walk far enough into these dark enchanted woods and you may just chance upon some juicy wins, courtesy of the benevolent magical incantations of Madame Destiny herself. Though she is secluded, local forest dwellers know her as a brilliant magician and healer, well-versed in the intricacies of the land, in human psychology, in various esoteric arts as well as the hard sciences. She can captivate and inspire your soul with a mere glance and channel otherworldly wisdom into your mind. Be a good apprentice, apply good intuition and intentions as you spin and some juicy wins are not too far away!

Madame Destiny Megaways comes with some truly slick graphics that create a sense of enchantment. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this game has what it takes to take you beyond the confines of wherever you are and into a distant and mysterious setting that sends your imagination into hyper drive. Aside from that, included are some solid special features, possibly devised by Madame Destiny herself.

This game comes with a Tumble feature, which implies that each time after a win is struck, all those winning symbols will disappear, causing other symbols to fall in their place, thereby increasing your chances of a win. Moreover, the Moon scatter symbol not only awards you with Free Spins but anywhere from a 5x-100x multiplier on your total bet as well. Before the Free Spins round starts, you will be able to spin the Wheel of Fortune which contains various assortments of Free Spins and multipliers that you may win.

Monster Pop

Now our adventures take us into a dark and mysterious cave inhabited by the most bizarre and wonky little monsters. Once detected by scientists many decades ago and then remaining elusive thereafter until now, these monsters are thought to have come from a distant star system and are visiting to bestow alien wisdom upon those who they believe are fated to visit them in this secluded spot one day. Now, you have the opportunity to learn all kinds of miraculous powers from these little critters and use it to secure some fetching wins.

The monster’s various special abilities are reflected in the special features. Each time the Monster Cloner symbol appears, it will expand the reel grid either vertically, horizontally or both. This not only duplicates the entire column and row but also adds a Wild Oracle eye in place of the Cloner for heightened chances of a win. Also, each time 3 or more Flaming Sphere symbols are summoned, a minimum of 7 Free Spins will be awarded to you. If no wins result from a cascade, the little monsters will start to get angry, either creating a Cloner Bomb that spreads Monster Cloners around the grid or the monsters will start grouping together on the reels to increase your chances of a win.

Wild Tome of the Woods

We’ve saved one of our most epic and positively peculiar adventures for last! Our travels bring us to an ancient forest; a part where very few humans have ever dwelled. In it you will encounter animals that appear like something out of a fairy tale novel. They have a heightened level of sentience than how we usually know them. From the wise old owl who can peer into your soul and through his borderline telepathic abilities know the key to how you can reach your maximum potential, to the playful fox who can teach you how to take your attractiveness and level of cool to another level, to the frog who is a master of a variety of potions that can help you score wins and see things that are normally hidden from the eye, you’re in for quite a good time!

The visuals in this game are nothing short of spectacular in how they catapult you into an alternate world where the stuff of fairy tales comes to life. Filled with sharp, detailed colors and seamless animations, Wild Tomb of the Woods is a slot game that so many others should strive to emulate. Also included is a Wild Tome symbol which reveals other symbols; every position where the revealed symbol appears will be turned into a Wild symbol, thus amplifying your chances of a win. If you manage to fill the entire grid with Wilds, this will award you with 1000x your total bet!

Closing remarks

As you can see, there sure are many mysterious and exotic realms hidden from our eyes in the wide world of slots. As quirky and astonishing as our adventure was, that was only a taste of all the wild journeys that you can embark on at EmuCasino, which we will continue exploring in the future, so stick around! In the meantime, we recommend you check out these past episodes: Best of action-hero themed slots and Best of Mesoamerican themed slots.

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