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Factors You Can Control on the Casino Floor


Casinos are designed to make their guests loosen their inhibitions and dump their wallets onto tables or into slot machines. Everything from the intricate maze you need to navigate to find a bathroom all the way to the complimentary alcohol is designed to keep you gambling.

Fortunately, you don’t have to fall victim to their clever ploy. There are several countermeasures you can employ to battle the casino at their own game.

There are a million factors that are outside of your control when you step onto a casino floor.

Ultimately, every dollar you spend in a casino is a cognitive decision. Still, there are keys to controlling what you can on the casino floor. Learn more about them above.

Picking the Best Games for You

One of the things you control in the casino is the games you play. Picking the most suitable game comes down to your goals and your personal preferences.

If you walk into the casino and only want to eke out small wins while preserving your chip stack, the low house edge of table games may be to your liking.

Games like blackjack, baccarat, and craps have a phenomenally low house edge. When you decide to make an effort to learn the best strategy for these games, you’ll enjoy a house edge under 1.5%. These games are also exciting, and the element of strategy keeps many players on the tables all night long.

However, other players prefer gigantic progressive jackpots and mindless entertainment found in the slot machines. Slot machines are far and away the most significant revenue streams for most US-based casinos.

Unfortunately, they don’t give players the best opportunity to win. You’ll actually lose much faster playing slot machines than table games.

Still, suppose you aren’t interested in the constant decision-making that many table games require. In that case, the slot machines can be incredibly satisfying.

The entire point is to be entertained while you’re gambling. So, it’s essential that you find the games that are going to keep you entertained.

Picking a suitable game may be as simple as researching the return to player of various slot machines and finding the game you love with decent RTP. Keep in mind that how you gamble can be just as important as where you gamble.

You will always have complete control of whether or not you sit down at a game with friendly rules and odds for the player.

Becoming a Wizard of Bankroll Management

The casino has implemented thousands of clever tricks to take your money. It’s going to be your responsibility to ensure your bankroll holds up in the casino.

By becoming a wizard of bankroll management, you’ll be able to spend more time on the casino floor. You’ll also consistently leave the casino with more of your money.

One of the most costly mistakes players make in the casino is not paying attention to their bankroll. Players walk into the casino with $250 and figure the $25 blackjack table will be an excellent way to make a couple hundred dollars.

In reality, the odds indicate that you’ll be bankrupt in only a few hours. That’s under the best-case scenario.

Slot machines will siphon the money even more quickly. Many casino gamblers fail to consider how the house advantage and return to player will impact their bankroll.

If you want to be the best gambler you can be, bankroll management is going to become very important to you. So, start taking steps to learn and understand proper bankroll management.

Sticking to Strict Limits for Yourself

Setting limits for yourself only works when you stick to them religiously. There’s no room for one more buy-in or another hour if these aren’t within your limits. You must always follow the limits you have for yourself entirely.

And one of the most critical limits you’ll need to set regards wins and losses. Every gambler has a loss limit, but a healthy boundary is another matter.

For Example:

I see gamblers simply gambling until all their money is gone. So, yes, that’s a “limit.” However, by setting a strict limit beforehand, you can avoid some costly mistakes. For starters, there won’t be any trips to the ATM after you’ve enjoyed a few of the complimentary beverages.

You’ll also benefit greatly from setting a win limit. Many times, I’ve sat at a table and reveled in my tremendous good fortune. Eager to keep the winning streak alive, I chased that elusive streak to the bitter end. Not only did the winnings vanish, but I also began dipping into my bankroll.

Had I known then what I know now, I could have walked away from the casino with thousands of dollars. Set a realistic win limit. And if you’re lucky enough to hit it, sprint to the exit like your hair is on fire.

Having a firm time limit is not only imperative to the health of your bankroll; it’s critical to your mental and physical well-being.

When you spend too much time on the casino floor, you’re prone to making mistakes. Set a timer. And when your time is up, force yourself to  take a break.

You don’t have to necessarily quit playing for the day. A short walk or a meal is the perfect way to reset and start thinking more clearly.

Shaking Things Up

You aren’t under any obligation to play the same old games you’ve always played in the casino. Sometimes, variety will add a tremendous amount of pleasure to your casino trip.

The simple act of taking a break from your regular casino routine is entirely at your discretion.

Sometimes, players feel trapped on the slot machines because they’re unfamiliar with casino games. I’ve got good news for all of those players: Most casinos will offer classes on how to play the popular table games.

The classes are totally free and can give you the confidence needed to shake things up. Note that you should never sit down to play a casino game for real money with which you’re unfamiliar.

Another great way to shake things up is by visiting a new casino. Maybe the rules on table games or slots RTP are much more player-friendly across town.

Don’t be afraid to venture away from your usual hunting grounds in search of greener pastures.

Thinking Positively

You and you alone are in control of your thoughts and attitude. Outside factors may have an influence, but how you feel is ultimately up to you.

You’re in the casino to have fun, and that should be your ultimate goal. Having a positive mental attitude is something that can never be stripped from you.

If you are resolved to not allow a lousy swing to get you in a bad headspace, you’ll always be a winner.

You may not walk out of the casino with fists full of cash, but you’re going to have a great time on each visit. You’ll notice that your positive attitude may spill over to the dealers and even other players.

I challenge you to be a positive influence and fun spreader in the casino.

Practicing Good Gambling Habits

The casinos certainly aren’t going to encourage the best gambling habits. They aren’t evil; it’s just business.

So, it’s up to you to learn and implement strong gambling habits. This is, unfortunately, easier said than done.

It takes a considerable amount of patience and discipline to ingrain these habits to the point of never making a slip.

Many gamblers fall victim to the classic blunder of chasing losses. This is perhaps the most common gambling mistake.

Gamblers lose a series of bets, and suddenly, they begin increasing their average bet amount in an attempt to get it all back quickly. I’ve done it myself on many occasions.

Nothing will drain your bankroll faster than chasing losses.

However, placing sucker bets because you haven’t researched the games is an equally egregious error. The casino floor is fraught with peril, and it’s your responsibility to implement the best gambling practices.

Avoid Going to Excess

Taking things to excess can happen seemingly in an instant on the casino floor. The extremes can come in many different forms.

I’ve covered how time can become a significant factor for you in the casino. You should never make a marathon session out of a molehill.

Casinos often have fabulous attractions to keep you engaged and entertained elsewhere. Take advantage of these excellent amenities. Many times, you’ll be traveling a great distance to visit the casino, and I encourage you to enjoy everything the region has to offer.

Money is of obvious concern in regards to excess. You will probably be much better off if you never head to the ATM or borrow money in the casino. Setting strict loss limits is the single most straightforward way to avoid going to excess concerning money.

Then, there’s the free-flowing booze. There’s nothing wrong with taking the casino up on their complimentary beverages.

However, there is a line that you don’t want to cross between getting relaxed and getting loose.

Keeping all things in moderation is one aspect of casino gambling that’s entirely under your control.


Controlling what you can on the casino floor will make you a much more fulfilled gambler. The casino stacks the deck against you in a number of clever ways.

Take control of your own destiny on the casino floor by becoming a better gambler. You’ll keep more money and be able to visit more often.

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