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Fremont Street Downtown Rocks 2024 Concerts

Fremont Street Downtown Rocks 2024 Concerts

If you’re a fan of free events, Fremont Street has you covered with the Downtown Rocks 2024 concert series. There are several bands scheduled to perform under the amazing Viva Vision canopy screen. So, if concerts figure into you vacation plans this summer, here’s what’s in store. The roster features an array of acts including Seether, Hoobastank with Soul Asylum, Boys Like Girls, Chris Janson, Sebastian Bach, Common Kings, Joe Nichols, and Sublime With Rome.

The Fremont Street Experience offers diverse settings for live performances spread across three stages—the first is located between Binion’s and Circa close to 1st Street. There’s another near 3rd Street, between The D and Four Queens. Finally, the Main Street stage lies between Golden Gate and Circa. The Downtown Rocks 2024 events will take place across one or the other of these stages, depending on crowd size.

These concerts operate on a first-come, first-served basis, with limited seating unless you happen to have a connection like Derek Stevens, the esteemed owner of Circa, The D, and Golden Gate. Stevens boasts an exclusive viewing box at The D Las Vegas, while Binion’s and Four Queens maximize their patios adjacent to the 1st and 3rd Street stages for optimal viewing experiences.

If you’d like to see the full line-up of performers, and find out about specific dates, times, and ticket prices for each of the Downtown Rocks 2024 events, be sure to visit the Fremont Street Experience website. They will post the most up to date details as they become available.


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