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Gemstone Rush Online Slot from Spadegaming

Gemstone Rush Online Slot from Spadegaming

 April 12, 2024

We have a look at the super fun Gemstone Rush online slot! A 6 row game with 6 cascading reels from our friends at Spadegaming! Head under ground and spin those reels with Jerry the Mole, where landing 4 or more SCATTERS will trigger the Free Spins feature! This is a medium volatility game that comes with Wilds and Multipliers. Plus, Gemstone Rush has a Return to Player of nearly 97%!

One sunny morning, a little mole named Jerry known for his exceptional digging skills, delved deeper into the ground and stumbled upon something unexpected. It was a hidden entrance to a vast underground cavern. Curiosity filled his tiny heart as he cautiously ventured inside. That’s the set up for the Gemstone Rush slot!

To his astonishment, Jerry discovered that the cavern was not just an ordinary cave but an unexplored gemstone mine! The walls shimmered with precious minerals, and the air was filled with the promise of great wealth. Jerry’s kindness has no bounds as he graciously shares his remarkable findings with others. Join him in the Gemstone Rush slot to uncover the secrets of the mine with your knowledge and embark on a journey filled with abundant riches and awe-inspiring wonders!

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