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Heroic vs. Forze Betting Predictions | PGL Major Antwerp EU RMR Analysis and Picks


It’s time, boys and girls! We’re just about to get down and dirty with the first round of PGL Major Antwerp EU RMR. Yep, the American show is all wrapped up, and the same will soon be true for Asia-Pacific RMR too. Now, all that’s left for us to explore prior to the Major are the two European RMR groups. Group A kicks off tomorrow, on Easter, and we’re proud to present you with our Heroic vs. Forze betting picks!

Today’s action captured by our photographers:

— PGL (@pglesports) April 15, 2022

The clash promises a great start to the campaign. On one end, we have Heroic who will be fancying their chances of kicking off with a win. On the other, we have Forze who’ll be eager to create a massive upset right off the bat.

Of course, both sets of players expect a spot on the Major, and much of their RMR campaign depends on how they open it up tomorrow.

Teams Moneyline Spread
Heroic -312 -4.5 -105
Forze +214 +4.5 -137

Heroic are the big favorites here. It’s not just because Heroic have been rather impressive over the last year or so (not so much that recently, though), but because of struggling Forze too.

But, that’s something we’ll cover later on in our Heroic vs. Forze betting picks, so let’s get right to it!

Heroic Betting Preview

First things first, Heroic! Even though they are not exactly at their strongest, Heroic are still labeled as one of the best teams in the world. According to HLTV, Heroic are ranked as the fifth best team in the world. It’s not the best rating ever, but top five is still a magnificent feat, don’t you agree?

Individually, we have to point stavn out as the player who’s been doing absolute wonders lately. cadiaN should never be taken for granted either – he’s been the true leader of men on IEM XVI Katowice where Heroic reached a surprising semifinal finish, seemingly against all odds.


As far as qualifying for the Major goes, Heroic shouldn’t have major (pun intended) issues here. They have a strong, teamwork-oriented roster that doesn’t even have that much pressure on their shoulders. Yes, group A is a lot more competitive than group B so they might not reach Legends tier right off the bat. Still, knowing their tenacity, I am sure they will get there eventually.


As for their clash with Forze, much of it depends on what map they get to play on. Without going into too much details map-wise, I believe Heroic will be able to see this one through, and with some leeway, mind you.

Forze Betting Preview

Next up, we need to explore the other end of the server too! Forze, though almost a household name at this point, aren’t anywhere near the level of Heroic. Forze had a solid run last year when they managed to win a couple of B tier competitions.


Heck, they also won Pinnacle Winter Series #2 in late February by beating ENCE in the finals. Since then, though, Forze have been heavily struggling and simply don’t look like a team that could endanger Heroic’s shots of snatching a Legends tier spot.


That’s not to say Forze are without chances of going through themselves. They’re still a strong team, just not at the same level as Heroic. Looking at the competition in group A, Forze definitely have a shot here.


Against Heroic, though, not so much. So yeah, I guess you can already tell where our Heroic vs. Forze betting picks are going. Still, for the sake of closure, here are our concrete picks:

Heroic vs. Forze Betting Prediction

Even though Heroic haven’t been at their best this year, they are still among the best teams in the world and will cruise to a win against Forze. The CIS boys just aren’t at the same level as the Scandinavians, which is why I’m going with an optimistic -4.5 spread on Heroic. At -105, it’s well worth the hassle!

Pick: Heroic -4.5

Odds: -105

$100 Could Win You…$165

Heroic vs. Forze Betting Recap

TLDR – here’s what you need to know:

  • Oddsmaker: BetOnline
  • Moneylines: Heroic -312,Forze +214
  • Spread: Heroic -4.5 (-105), Sprout +5.5 (-137)
  • Prediction: Heroic -4.5 at -105

There you have it, boys and girls!

There are lots of PGL Major Antwerp RMR matches for uas to cover, so make sure you visit again next week for a fresh dose of esports picks!

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