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Horseshoe Las Vegas Officially Opens in December


We’ve known that Bally’s Casino will be rebranded as the Horseshoe Las Vegas for some time now. In fact, in our last This Week in Gambling show we reported from the Strip, where we showed some of the transition well underway. There was construction removing the Bally’s sign, and the name was already off of the building.

Now we know when Caesars believes the transformation will be complete. The company has finally let everyone know that the Horseshoe Las Vegas will officially be up and running in December of this year. So it looks like we get a horseshoe for Christmas!

Some of the changes we were expecting with the transition have already been completed. For example, the Jack Binion’s Steak House is already serving guests at Bally’s, and the new video game arcade we were waiting for has already been opened next to the food court.

Of course, there will be some growing pains, so to speak. Especially if Uber and Lyft don’t update their apps with the correct name. This was our experience when we visited last week for the Global Gaming Expo at the Venetian Convention Center. The ride share service we used still has it listed as the Sands.

And if you’re a fan of Bally’s and hate to see it go, take heart. Part of the reason for the change to the Horseshoe Las Vegas is that Caesars sold the Bally’s name to Bally Corporation, who recently purchased the Tropicana. And there is some suspicion that they could re-brand the Tropicana as a new Bally’s Casino!

If that happens, what a strange time it will be to visit Las Vegas!


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