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How gambling brands position themselves to appeal to the broadest possible audience

Every great brand has a target audience. In the online gambling sector, the brand’s name, logo, colors and customer experience are carefully curated to appeal to a particular kind of user and underpin a particular theme. But in an industry that’s so competitive, appealing to a singular audience is no longer a viable option. Instead, brands have to expose a particular part of their business to a particular audience at a particular time.

Many of the world’s biggest online casino brands succeed in appealing to a much broader audience than they ever did previously. In this article, we will examine the sectors the brands target and the strategies they use.

Traditional casino

Traditional casino games have always been very well represented online. The first platforms to pop up for internet users focused on traditional card games like blackjack and poker, and the two games have remained mainstays of the industry ever since.

This is arguably the easiest target market for casino brands to hit as the games are so well-established and aficionados know exactly what to expect. However, being able to offer variety, or a modern twist on a classic, can help give you an edge in the marketplace.

These days, offering a robust live casino offering can be a difference-maker in the industry. Many platforms, including brands like Space Casino, serve their live casino offering in its own dedicated section, helping to emphasize the choice available to players. All of the major traditional casino games are available on this platform, delivered in both graphical and live video formats, and ensuring a simple customer journey for players eager to settle in and enjoy their own preference.

Casual gamers

The casual gaming marketplace is growing at a rapid rate, with the emergence of the mobile gaming market largely attributed to demand for hyper-casual titles. Naturally, the online casino sector is alert to this trend and is delivering in response to it.

Many of the world’s most renowned, established and reputable platforms have been forced to reinvent elements of their brand and user experience to compete in the casual gaming marketplace, which, in casino terms, is built around games like slots and bingo.

Lighter, vibrant colors are utilized to market products to this audience, as opposed to the darker, richer swatches and hues that you’d typically associate with the classic, longer-form casino titles. Many leading brands have been quick to adapt their positioning to hit this target market.

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Sports bettors

Another huge slice of the online gambling industry is sports betting, and this is another area of the marketplace where brands work hard to point the right part of their brand at the right people. Several leading brands are known for their sports betting offering, although balancing this as part of a broader casino platform can be a challenge.

Many leading names hire well-known sportspeople to become faces of their brand and hammer home their dedication, while others invest large sums in lucrative commercial deals with leading sports clubs in sports like soccer.

For many ardent sports fans, betting on matches is a major part of the experience, with today’s modern armchair supporter easily connected to the internet courtesy of the smartphone that’s likely within arm’s reach. So, naturally, this is an area brands pay close attention to.

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As you can see, pointing the right part of your brand at the correct audience is hugely important in today’s competitive marketplace. While it’s great to have a specialism, betting brands simply cannot afford not to diversify.


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