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How To Safely Throw A Super Bowl Party in 2021


Year in and year out, the Super Bowl stands as an occasion for large gatherings and lavish parties. The issues with the health crisis could make those problematic for this year’s game. But we’re here to help you throw a Super Bowl 55 party that will make for a memorable evening while doing so cautiously enough that everyone stays safe.

The 2021 Super Bowl is all set to take place on Sunday, February 7, 2021.

We now know that the game will pit the Kansas City Chiefs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It stands to be a memorable matchup, with many great storylines that will be dissected heading into the game.

Many people look forward to the Super Bowl all year round, in no small part due to the fact that it’s one of the great party occasions in the United States. It’s a time for a bunch of people to get together, eat lots of food and (occasionally) drink a lot of (occasionally) alcoholic beverages, and make some bets between friends. It’s as much of a tradition as the game itself.

Keeping It Safe In 2021

You don’t have to be a newshound to know that a lot of the activities we just described just haven’t been going on in the world over the last year or so. Obviously, the current situation in the country has thrown a wrench into a lot of plans this year. As a matter of fact, Super Bowl 55 itself will take place with a somewhat limited crowd in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, at least compared to the capacity that usually watch the game in person.

We’re not here to rehash everything that is going on in the world. What we are here to do is to tell you that you can have a Super Bowl 55 party and have a lot of fun while still respecting health and safety guidelines. You just have to get a little creative about it.

In the following article, we’ll provide some tips to you on how to safely through a Super Bowl 55 party. On top of that, we’ll also give you some ideas for creating Super Bowl squares with your fellow party-goers to pump up the excitement a bit with some betting action. After reading this, you should have a better idea how to proceed with this tradition even in such uncertain times.

Playing It Safe With Your Super Bowl 55 Party

We truly believe that the best way to throw a Super Bowl 55 party that people will genuinely enjoy is if you take the time to put some safety precautions in place. That will ensure that your guests will be comfortable at the party. Otherwise you run the risk of them being nervous, leaving early, or perhaps just not showing up at all.

There are a number of ways that you can do this, which really don’t require all that much work on your part. Some of these might not apply to you, but you’re likely to find a majority of them make pretty good sense. And you’ll find that they’re not so restrictive that they cause major issues with your partygoers.

Wearing A Mask

The best way to handle this is to make clear to all those who are coming to the party that you’re hoping that everyone can wear a mask. This should prevent any awkward situations where someone comes not knowing and other doesn’t have a mask or doesn’t want to wear one. By mentioning it up front, you’re saving yourself a lot of problems.

If you want to have some fun with it, just tell them that they’re welcome to wear masks the color of their favorite NFL team.

In addition, give them an area where they can go outside and get some air and take a break from the mask if they wanted to do so. With all these little features in place, the mask-wearing won’t be such an issue.

Designate An Eating Area

We suggest that, if possible, you designate two areas for your Super Bowl 55 party. First, there should be the main game-watching area, where most people will be congregating. But then there should be an eating area to allow for some separation for those who want to snack.

Ideally, you can keep this eating area somewhat spaced out, perhaps even checking every once in a while to make sure it’s not getting too crowded. You might also want to think about having a TV in this area so people can watch the game while they eat. By having this in place, people can take their masks off to eat, and it will help prevent too many people without masks being huddled close together.

Think About Limiting Your Guest List

We understand that you want your Super Bowl 55 party to be as wild and crazy as possible. But overcramming people into a small room to watch the game this year is just not a good idea. Whatever enjoyment you get out of it will be more than dampened if you or someone you invited ends up sick.

A good idea is to fool around with the seating beforehand and see how comfortably you can sit people while there is still ample space between them. That will give you an idea of how many people you should invite.

But you should really think about making your Super Bowl 55 a bit of a more modest affair this year, perhaps limiting it to no more than ten people or so.

Ventilate The Area

Obviously, many people will be watching Super Bowl LV in parts of the country where it will be bitterly cold on February 7. But if you are putting ten or so people in a television room or den, even if they are spaced out, it will create a little bit more heat than you might otherwise have. Hence, you might be able to get away with opening a window or exposing a door with just the screen open to get some fresh air flowing through.

As we said earlier, it’s a good idea to have an outdoors area for your guests. It might not be logistically possible, either because of the weather or because of your outlet situation, for you to watch the game outside. But if you could, you wouldn’t have to worry as much about the extra care you’d have to take inside.

Food And Drink

We already told you a little bit about the idea of having a separate area, within which people can chow down while they watch the action. You might want to take that a step further and spread out the areas where you place the food. That will keep you from having too many people congregating around a relatively tight space.

The same goes for where you have your drinks. On the topic of drinks, even though this might be a tough ask, this might be the year when you consider either limiting or eliminating alcohol. If people’s inhibitions drop, they might be less likely to follow the guidelines you have in place.

Volume Control

Super Bowl 55 parties tend to be loud, raucous affairs. That means people screaming to be heard overt the roar of the TV set. This is especially true in this day and age, what with fancy sound systems connected to televisions booming every announcer’s word and commercial through the entire house.

If you turn that volume on the TV down, you’ll find that the people at the party will be able to keep their voices down lower as well. That lessens the need for any yelling across the room at each other, which isn’t the best idea with the circumstances at hand. Should you feel the need to turn things up a bit louder, like for the halftime show, you should consider asking your guests to just be quiet as much as possible during that time.

Keep It In The Family

The safest way you can have a Super Bowl 55 party with all that’s going on in the world is to keep it to just people you are in contact with on a semi-daily basis. By doing this, you’ll know exactly what all the people in the room have been doing to try and limit the effects. You’ll have a better idea of their comings and goings.

As we said above, we understand if some of these suggestions are less than ideal. But it is a unique time in the world, and a little prevention can make a huge difference. These might only be one-year sacrifices we have to make, and they’re really not so prohibitive that you and your guests won’t have a good time at your Super Bowl 55 party.

Super Bowl Party Betting Fun

Up to this point, we’ve had to play the party-pooper in the article by telling you all the restrictions you should put in place when you have your Super Bowl 55 party. But you can spice things up in a way that requires no flaunting of restrictions. And that’s by introducing some popular Super Bowl betting elements to the proceedings.

Super Bowl squares or pools have long been a part of parties between friends. If you’ve never done them before, you might be at a loss on how to get started. We’re here to help you out with it.

How To Play Super Bowl Squares at Home

Super Bowl Squares are the easiest way to get casual fans involved in the Super Bowl 55 action because it requires no real knowledge of the sport to participate. Instead, you just have to know what the score is at different parts of the game. Who wins the squares will be completely random, so there’s no way someone has an advantage over anyone else.

The most common format for Super Bowl squares is a 10 by 10 grid. On the top, there should be the numbers 0 through 9, one for each column below, and the names of one of the two teams (Kansas City or Tampa Bay). And on the left side should be the numbers 0 through 9, one for each row alongside, and the name of the other team as well.

What you end up is something looking like this:

You decide how much money each person has to put up to buy a square. That will determine how much the pot will be. For example, if you decide on $20 per square, then the pot will be $2,000 (20 times 100 squares.)

Once you have all the squares filled with people, you then randomly assign each to a square. This can be done by putting all the names on pieces of paper, then the number combinations on separate pieces, and picking them at random. We understand that’s a lot of squares to fill, so we realize that you might have to go outside your party guests to get the whole board completed.

You then have to break down how much will be doled out according to the different time frames where winner’s will be determined. Here is an example of how this might work:

  • 1st Quarter winner = 20 percent of pot
  • 2nd Quarter winner = 20 percent of pot
  • 3rd Quarter winner = 20 percent of pot
  • 4th quarter winner = 40 percent of pot

Using our previous example of a $2,000 pot, that would break down to $400 going to each of the quarter winners and $800 to the full-game winner. Again, you can choose whatever amounts you prefer. You can also decide to allow people to buy more than one square, which would increase their chances of winning (and also their risk) or not.

Once that’s all done, you watch the game and see how it turns out. At the end of each quarter and at the end of the game, the score in the ones column of each team will determine which of the squares wins. Some examples:

  • First quarter: Tampa Bay 10, Kansas City 0 (Tampa Bay 0, Kansas City 0 wins)
  • Second quarter: Tampa Bay 17, Kansas City 9 (Tampa Bay 7, Kansas City 9 wins)
  • Third quarter: Kansas City 20, Tampa Bay 17 (Tampa Bay 7, Kansas City 0 wins)
  • Final Score: Kansas City 32, Tampa Bay 24 (Tampa Bay 4, Kansas City 2 wins)

As you can see, there isn’t any skill involved in winning Super Bowl squares. Obviously, there are some squares that are more likely to win than others, due to the way that football scoring works. But everybody in the pool essentially has a chance to win with a little luck.

One thing we highly recommend if you’re running a Super Bowl 55 pool for your party is that you keep it fair. Don’t try to set it up so you get a cut of the pool just for running it. That would be in bad faith and could cause a lot of upset people if they find out.

Super Bowl 55 Party FAQ

What Time Should I Have People Come for My Party?

The Super Bowl, which this year takes place on Sunday, February 7, 2020, usually kicks off right around 6:30 PM Eastern Time. As a result, it’s a good idea to tell people that they can start arriving around 6. It will give them time to have some food before the game begins.

Who Will Be Broadcasting Super Bowl 55?

The networks who show football decide well in advance which one will be hosting each game each year. In this case, it will be CBS doing the honors. Expect the combination of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo to be calling all the action.

Who Are the Performers for Super Bowl 55?

The national anthem will feature a rare duet on the song between Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan. And the halftime show will be performed by The Weeknd. Expect him to bring out some special guests to surprise those watching at your Super Bowl 55 party.

Are Super Bowl Squares Legal?

The key to them being legal is if nobody in charge of them takes a profit from the enterprise. Informal betting between acquaintances is not something that will draw the attention of law enforcement. However, if the person running the pool uses it as a way to make money, it would be problematic if the law should find out.

How Can I Bet on Super Bowl 55 Outside of Super Bowl Squares?

The best way to do this is to sign up for a reliable sports betting website, which will allow you to do the wagering at your own convenience on any connected device. We suggest using our recommended online betting sites.


We hope that this article helps you to put on a safe Super Bowl 55 party. You should have some peace of mind knowing that you can indeed have people over for the game this year. Just take a few reasonable precautions and everybody will have a much better time.

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