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Las Vegas Casinos Prepare for Work Stoppage

Las Vegas Casinos Prepare for Work Stoppage

As over 30,000 workers across Clark County prepare for a strike, the Las Vegas casinos which will be impacted by the stoppage are preparing for the worst. In an ominous sign of things to come, management at these resorts is making plans to keep their properties running in a “worst case” scenario.

Employees at MGM, Caesars, and Wynn properties are seeking a new, five-year contract before their November 10th deadline. Now, contingency plans are being implemented across the 18 Las Vegas casinos effected. This includes hiring new employees.

On the other side, the Union representing the workers is also making plans for a long fight. This includes setting up a strike fund for workers who walk the picket lines. Las Vegas Attorney David Edelblute, from the Howard and Howard firm, has worked with several Las Vegas casinos up and down the Strip, said that these plans are normally set up even as negotiations continue.

In an interview with the Review Journal newspaper, Mr. Edelblute stated that if history has taught us anything, it’s that with contingency plans in place, “…impacts to both sides will be less than the catastrophic,” no matter how the strike is being reported on social media.

Some people seem to believe that the resorts will be just fine if employees walk off their jobs, arguing that they became accustomed to working with fewer employees during Covid. What they fail to consider however, is that during Covid there were almost no tourists in town… and during the Grand Prix there will be over 100,000 extra visitors! So, good luck!.


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