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Las Vegas Coronavirus Health Violations Top 100


 July 3, 2020

There have been 111 Las Vegas Coronavirus violations of the Declaration of Emergency Directive put in place before casinos reopened in Nevada on June 4. The regulators have not specified where the violations took place, citing confidentiality rules.

The Enforcement Division of the Nevada Gaming Control Board has conducted 1,453 inspections and observations of non-restricted licensees, and 6,008 in smaller gaming operations under restricted licenses. The violations that fall under the Declaration of Emergency Directive include face coverings for employees, which was extended to more widespread use on June 24, and several rules that apply to sanitation practices and social distancing.

These revelations come in the face of a new Covid-19 explosion in Sin City. There is now a mandatory face mask rule in Nevada, and worries that another casino closure may come.

You can read more about the Las Vegas Coronavirus health violations at Yogo Net.


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