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Las Vegas Sphere Opens October 6th


J.Todd is on location outside of the Las Vegas Sphere at the Venetian! He has all the technical data on the lighting and sound effects, both inside and out! Plus, information on the first show (Postcard from Earth) and the first concert (watch and see) to be hosted by the Las Vegas Sphere!

If you’ve visited Las Vegas in the past year or so then you may have been wondering what in the world is that big, black, dome of a building in back of the Venetian? Well, that my friends is the MSG Sphere! And while we can’t get in right now because it’s still under construction, the people who are building it are super nice, and they provided us some information on what you can expect when this opens later this year.

The MSG Sphere at the Venetian in Las Vegas has scheduled their first show for October 6th of this year, with their fully immersive Postcard from Earth production! Standing at nearly 400 feet high and over 500 feet wide, the exterior of this $1.8 billion project is covered in 580,000 square feet of programmable LED lights! And on inside, over 17,000 people can watch the highest resolution LED screen in the world, with a 160,000 square foot display that wraps up, over, and behind the audience!

The Sphere also has an advanced audio system, delivering crystal clear sound to everyday guest and every seat, using ‘spatialized’ 4D technology, and an infrasound haptic system, so guests can feel the music and the sounds as they literally vibrate through their bodies! There will also be environmental effect, including changing temperatures and smells, to make you feel as if you’ve been transported to another location!

In addition to the Postcard from Earth show, the Sphere also has lined up its very first concert, with a legendary rock group set to take the stage this fall!And the first band to open this spectacular new facility will be the legendary rock group U2! So, good luck getting tickets for that! And as I said at the beginning of this show, the Las Vegas Sphere is currently under construction… so they just weren’t going to let some dude with his camera go inside and film… no matter how fancy his jacket is, right?

That said, the PR team over at The Sphere is extremely polite and extremely forthcoming with information… so hopefully at some point before it opens later this year we’re going to get access or maybe some video or some pictures of what it looks like on the inside. Or, we could just wait until it opens this fall… but what would be the fun in that?

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