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Malta Gaming Authority cancels European Fantasy League’s authorization



he Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) announced on Monday its decision to cancel the authorization awarded to European Fantasy League effective as of 16 December 2020 in terms of regulation 10(1)(a) of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations.

European Fantasy League Ltd is thus no longer authorized to carry out any gaming operations, register new players or accept new customer deposits, but is required to retain and provide all registered players with access to their player accounts and to refund all funds standing to the credit of players in line with applicable law.

According to the MGA, this sanction is being imposed because European Fantasy League Ltd allegedly committed the following breaches:

  • The Authorised Person failed to pay the relevant annual licence fees and compliance contributions,
  • The non-submission of the relevant annual and interim financial statements,
  • The non-submission of the relevant player funds reports,
  • The non-submission of the relevant key function roles,
  • Acting contrary to, or not adhering to the fullest extent possible to an order issued by the Authority, howsoever named.

This decision may be subject to an appeal in terms of article 43 of the Gaming Act (Cap. 583).

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