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Mandatory Las Vegas Face Masks Return for Visitors


 July 29, 2021

In our last episode of This Week in Gambling we told you that a Las Vegas face masks mandate had been reinstated… but only for casino employees and others working indoors and around the public.

We also stated, however, that the situation was fluid and could change at any moment. Today is that moment.

Nevada Governor Sisolak has signed an Emergency Directive which rolls things back to May, and makes face masks mandatory for all individuals (whether employee or tourist) to wear face masks starting July 30th.

This directive comes in the midst of the latest wave of infections from the new “Delta Variant” of Coronavirus. Nearly 1,000 people in Nevada have recently tested positive for COVID-19, which is the highest daily total since late January.

Although Las Vegas face masks have returned, there has not yet been any comment on social distancing or casino capacity restrictions. Obviously, all that could change at any time, so stay tuned.


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