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Mirage Volcano to Become Paramount Mountain

Mirage Volcano to Become Paramount Mountain

We’re heading into 2024 with the promise of a Super Bowl in Las Vegas. So how does that change the beloved Mirage Volcano into a corporate promotion? Well, in America capitalism is king. So that means marketers are always pushing the limits of what they can get away with. Trust us… we’re marketers!

The iconic volcano attraction was shut down during the big Formula 1 race in November. The resort then re-opened the attraction on December 15th (it was scheduled to re-open on the 8th) and it will remain open until its upcoming transition into a snow capped mountain! Believe it or not!

So here’s how it all breaks down: The Super Bowl broadcast will be carried by CBS, and CBS is owned Paramount. We’ve all seen movies from Paramount, and their big mountain logo (do you see where this is going yet?). So naturally, the powers at Paramount would like to see the Mirage Volcano turned into the “Paramount Mountain”. And here we are.

However, this isn’t simply a publicity stunt (which it is), but so much more. It’s not just changing from a volcano to a mountain. It’s changing into the “Mountain of Entertainment” attraction, which will be open to the public for four days, beginning Thursday, February 8th, before Super Bowl Sunday.

The transition of the Mirage Volcano into a mountain of entertainment will be more complex than simply cosmetics. It is designed to be a fan-focused entertainment venue, featuring popular content from across the Paramount portfolio, like Yellowstone, Star Trek, and the Transformers.

Additionally, there will be a virtual, 4D ride in a gondola all the way to the top of the Mirage Volcano… ahem, we mean Paramount Mountain. There will also be content from CBS, Paramount+, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon.


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