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Most Popular Casino Games in Finland


What are Some of the Most Popular

Casino Games in Finland You’ve Never Heard of?

Finland is a country with an organized i-gaming industry and has had a long history of gambling. Although gambling was illegal at some point, it is now completely legal, with oversight from government agencies.

As with all countries, gamblers in Finland enjoy playing some casino games you would rarely hear of. These games are popular and peculiar to gamblers in this country. This is what we will be looking at in this article.


The first of the casino games in Finland  we will examine is Mustamaiji, also known as Black Maria. It is one of the most popular games in Finland’s online casinos. Although you’ve hardly heard about it, this card game is deeply rooted in Finnish tradition.

Mustamaija refers to the Queen of Spades, who is black (or “Maija” in Finnish). The game’s object is to quickly and with a full hand of cards to the table. However, studying the Black Maria rules to grasp and enjoy the game would be best. Players in Finland particularly like this game, and as such, it gained widespread popularity among Finnish Casinos.


The fact that Paskahousu is a popular Finland card game is interesting in and of itself. Paskahousu is a popular card game in Finland. The name translates to “shit pants” in Finnish. The game’s goal is to eliminate all of one’s cards by playing cards higher than those already in play, first to replenish one’s hand from the stockpile.

It is comparable to “shithead” in meaning. It is prevalent in Finland casinos and is played among two to six players. Fortunately for Finland players, this game is available at most online casinos in that region.


Mahjong is another one of the popular casino games in Finland that you may have yet to hear of. This game has roots in China but has found great success in Finland. Mahjong is a game which uses tiles that resemble dominoes but are instead adorned with Chinese characters and symbols.

The game aims to be the first player to build a set of tiles that conforms to a given pattern. The game is popular in Finland since it can be played offline and online with friends and family. It’s a terrific opportunity to meet new people while having a good time and, who knows, even walking away with some cash.


Although you might have yet to hear about Tuppi, it is another popular Casino game in Finland. One of the reasons is easy game play. You don’t need advanced strategy or expertise to enjoy this game. To win, players must correctly guess whether the next card drawn will be a dragon or a tiger.

People enjoy playing the trick-taking game known as Tuppi throughout northern Finland. The goal of the game is entertainment, not financial gain. However, recently, a competition for the game’s title was established. Playing Tuppi is popular in Finland as players can easily access this game on most casino platforms.

Final Thoughts

Casino games in Finland are a popular pastime, and the proceeds often help fund essential community services. Asides from this feature, players in Finland enjoy playing these games because of their entertainment values. As such, you would see an average player enjoy one of these games steadily. Finns worldwide are probably not going to become bored of gambling anytime soon, as evidenced by the offered list of unique slots.


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