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Nevada Revenue Hits $1.34 Billion in February

Nevada Revenue Hits $1.34 Billion in February

Believe it or not, the amazing run for Nevada revenue continued in February, with gaming generating over $1.3 billion for the state. That’s a jump of nearly 9% from the same time last year, and has some people wondering how long this can continue. In February of 2023, revenue reached a notable $1.24 billion, marking a significant 4.7% increase from January of this year, making it the strongest opening month to a calendar year in Nevada’s history.

Among the various gaming options, slots led the revenue charge, generating $827.6 million for the month, a modest uptick of 0.6% from the previous year. Within this category, multi-denomination slot games contributed $536.6 million, while penny slot machines added $207.6 million. Interestingly, only multi-denomination slot games experienced growth in February, with revenue dipping across all other game types within this segment.

Baccarat emerged as a standout Nevada revenue performer  in February, witnessing a remarkable 75.5% surge in revenue, totaling $180.1 million. Additionally, blackjack revenue saw a notable uptick of 15.6% to $132.5 million, while craps revenue rose by 22.0% to $44.7 million. Other notable areas of growth included Ultimate Texas Hold’em, which saw a 4.4% increase in revenue, reaching $18.0 million, and pai gow poker, which experienced a 4.7% rise, reaching $10.4 million.

February also marked the hosting of the Super Bowl in Nevada this year, held at the Allegiant Stadium, where the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious with a 25-22 win over the San Francisco 49ers. As expected, Nevada experienced a significant 16.0% increase in sports pool revenue in February, reaching $47.9 million.

Interestingly, while American football contributed a substantial portion, accounting for $12.0 million, other sports also played a significant role in driving this surge. This biggest money generator for sport operators was actually basketball, with revenue hitting $24.7million. A further $4.3 million came from hockey betting and $7.7 million other sports, although baseball betting generated a $929,000 loss.

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