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New Las Vegas Casinos COVID Restrictions


 November 23, 2020

Just in time for the holidays, a fresh new set of Las Vegas casinos COVID restrictions have arrived. The Governor of Nevada made the announcement and said those restrictions would go into force tomorrow, November 24th, and past at least three weeks.

One of the new mandates under the Governor’s orders in that the capacity of casino has been reduced from 50%  occupancy to just 25%. And casinos who fail to abide by that rule have been threatened that they will suffer consequences as a result.

The restrictions are not just for casinos, but also being placed on restaurants and bars. There will also be a statewide mandate for face-coverings over the next three weeks.

In a press release, Caesars Entertainment stated that they “…remains focused on the well-being of our team members, guests, and the communities we serve. In compliance with the recent directives from Governor Steve Sisolak, we will move to 25% occupancy on our casino floors and in our restaurants and bars at our Nevada properties…”

MGM resorts added that they are “…aware of the Governor’s new restrictions… and are immediately working to adjust our operations to comply. This will clearly have a major impact on entertainment and we are working with our partners to determine the path forward.”

You can read more about the latest Las Vegas casinos COVID restrictions at Yogo Net.


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