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SOFTSWISS Casino Platform launches new Team Tournaments feature


SOFTSWISS announced Monday the launch of a new feature for its Casino Platform called Team Tournaments. The novelty encourages player-versus-player competition, allowing them to “have more fun” and motivating engagement.

This feature is an update of the Tournaments tool, which is available to all clients of the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform. The start of Team Tournaments expands the opportunities for players to compete with each other, the company notes.

It also increases the chances of winning due to the total contribution of several players in a team event, which distributes the result between team members. Thus, while one player loses, there is still a chance for the team to win the tournament or gain a win through the other player’s performance in the group, SOFTSWISS explains.

The mechanism for Team Tournaments is the following: up to 10 teams are created in the casino, and each team can have a certain number of players. They are allocated to groups based on operator-defined settings, aiming for even distribution. 

The internal research by the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform team has proven that the new type of tournament aims to increase player engagement and loyalty. Also, players who win tournament rewards “show more game activity and are willing to deposit more,” said the iGaming company. The research shows that tournament usage boosts the growth of casino metrics – the Deposit Count increases on average by 10–20%, and the Deposit Sum rises x2. 

The SOFTSWISS Casino platform expands the opportunities for players and implements Team Tournaments.

Studies have shown that tournament usage increases casino metrics – the Deposit Count increases on average by 10–20%, and the Deposit Sum rises x2.

— SOFTSWISS (@softswiss) October 3, 2022

Casinos using tournaments have shown increasing metrics and performance, claims SOFTSWISS. This suggests that Team Tournaments will further improve results. More prizes will attract more players and boost user engagement in tournaments, directly affecting deposit amounts and other indicators.

Anna Loiko, a Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, said in a press release: “We are proud to announce the launch of Team Tournaments for our clients. Based on the results of the Tournaments functionality research, we can conclude that Team Tournaments will be demanded among operators and players.”

“The new functionality engages a competitive element and generates team hype, which is the foundation for a high level of player engagement. SOFTSWISS continues to update the feature and will soon introduce novelties that will make the offer even more attractive,” she added.

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform is a management software for online casinos, which provides various solutions like White Label, Turnkey and Crypto Casino Solutions. Back in September, it was updated with the Event Streaming feature, which tracks any kind of casino activity in real-time, allowing the observation and analysis of complex data from the operator’s projects without delay.

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