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The 9 Best Casinos in Las Vegas for Craps Lovers


Las Vegas is an ever-changing scene both inside and out. Casinos are regularly being faced with rebrands, and new casinos seemingly appear from thin air.

This can make it tricky when navigating the waters of finding the best game in town. Your tried-and-true casino from the past may have packed it up and closed shop.

The casino could still sit in its same familiar spot downtown or on the Strip but may have been forced to adapt in order to keep up with the times.

The nine best casinos in Las Vegas for craps lovers will take the guesswork out of your next Las Vegas casino vacation.

1 – The Cromwell

The Cromwell is one of Las Vegas’s newer hotels, and it’s rather unique. Players will find smaller crowds and incredibly friendly table rules at this boutique casino on the Strip.

The real estate where this luxury spot now sits has a long and storied history in the Las Vegas gambling scene.

In fact, if you haven’t been to Vegas in the past eight years, you may be disappointed to see that Bill’s Gambling Hall is no longer in operation.

However, the disappointment will immediately turn to delight as you step through the doors to the casino. The Cromwell is the real deal and is quickly becoming this gambler’s favorite Las Vegas casino.

The Cromwell doesn’t have the old-school $5 games; unfortunately, those are vanishing quickly. However, it does give the nod to the past by offering 100x odds on craps.

That alone is enough to land The Cromwell in the top spot for craps lovers.

2 – Aria

I like to think of Aria as the much bigger sister to The Cromwell. This posh casino resort has everything a casino gambler could possibly wish for and much more.

This casino falls under the expansive umbrella of MGM properties. So, those M life rewards you’ve been racking up for years at the MGM Grand Las Vegas can easily be used here at Aria.

The craps tables at Aria are the quintessential Las Vegas glam scene you see depicted on television. On Friday and Saturday nights, the tables are surrounded by men and women dressed to impress.

The craps rules at Aria aren’t extraordinary. They will offer the standard odds found at most other large casinos on the Strip.

However, casino gambling is meant to be an experience, and it’s hard to beat the thrill you’ll receive from a night at the craps tables in the Aria.

Plus, if you get bored with craps, Aria offers over 15 different table games to provide a nice distraction.

3 – Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas has long been the benchmark for luxury in Las Vegas. This casino epitomizes everything that the Las Vegas ad campaign wants you to believe about Sin City.

Fortunately, it not only lives up to the as seen on TV image of Las Vegas casino gambling, but it also surpasses them.

Wynn Las Vegas nine fabulous craps tables. While on most nights this is serviceable, you may be wishing for a bit more elbow room on busy weekends.

However, that will hardly matter once you get into the swing of things. Wynn Las Vegas offers up to 5x odds on craps, making this a fantastic choice for craps lovers.

Add in the fact that you can get on a table for as little as $10 per round, and you may have found your favorite casino.

4 – The Venetian

Many of the casinos on this list are considered Las Vegas staples. Odds offered at The Venetian and its sister casino, the Palazzo, are a Las Vegas institution.

The craps games at The Venetian are world-famous for their fantastic vibrancy. There’s hardly a dull moment to be found.

You’ll find your average range of table limits and offered at The Venetian. The high-limit lounge does provide a unique experience if you’ve got the bankroll to support such a lofty undertaking.

However, The Venetian goes the extra mile in ensuring its guests are well-equipped when working the casino floor. Players may get free lessons in the casino several times a day.

Since I know many of you shy away from the craps table because it can be intimidating, this sets The Venetian apart.

Spend an hour getting to know the game, and you’ll soon be one of the most experienced players at the table.

5 – Harrah’s

Harrah’s is a budget-friendly casino resort that will have you feeling like a high roller. 

This is great for those looking to get all of the exciting casino action at a bargain. The craps tables at Harrah’s may just be your best choice.

You can find tables starting at only $5 on most days, and you’ll get the same great 5X odds of the more upscale casino properties.

And you don’t have to slowly build that chip stack at $5 per round if you have higher aspirations. The heavy-pocketed gamblers in the crowd can play all the way up to $3,000.

Harrah’s will have you laughing and cheering all night regardless of the size of your bankroll.

6 – Sahara

Another fantastic casino for gamblers looking to make that casino bankroll stretch to its limits is Sahara Hotel and Casino.

This casino is another one that’s undergone a facelift and rebrand over the last several years. That’s great news for you because you have a fantastic little casino that many Vegas outsiders haven’t yet discovered.

The Sahara has a slogan when it comes to wagers on its craps tables, “Small, tall, take ’em all.” That little piece of excellence in marketing is enough for me to go drop a few bucks when I’m in town.

I sincerely hope that guy or gal got a raise for coming up with that. Still, the tables at Sahara start at only $5 and offer great odds.

Anytime you find a $5 craps table in Las Vegas, it’s worth noting. You never know when a bad streak may hit, and you find yourself needing to nurse what’s left of your bankroll.

7 – The Strat

The Strat, formerly known as the Stratosphere, has a ton to offer. And I’m not just referring to the gamblers in the crowd.

The massive tower has some of the best dining and entertainment in Las Vegas. The non-gamblers can play in the giant arcade or enjoy a death-defying freefall from near the top of the tower.

However, it’s the craps players that will ultimately benefit the greatest from a trip to the Stratosphere. The Strat is about the only casino other than The Cromwell with $5 craps tables, but you won’t find the insane odds you’ll get down the street.

You may also run into the Crapsless Craps table. These games remove most of the chance of a player crapping on the come-out roll.

Unfortunately, this is mere smoke and mirrors. The game inflates the house edge so much that you’ll be better off playing slot machines.

Remember, craps is good, but crapsless craps is terrible. Either way, you’ll have some fun, and the Stratosphere deserves an opportunity to dazzle craps lovers of all kinds.

8 – Bellagio

Bellagio is a name that has become synonymous with Las Vegas casino gambling. It’s also synonymous with luxury and fine attention to detail.

At the Bellagio, players will find some of the most thrilling craps games on the planet. The table odds are pretty standard, and most of the tables start at $25.

Do your homework, and you could find the single $10 table. Here is where you can gamble in sheer opulence for an absolute bargain price.

Believe it or not, they don’t pay me to say this, but every Las Vegas visitor needs to spend at least one day at the fabulous Bellagio.

The famous fountains alone are enough to earn that privilege. Factor in the world-class gaming, and you have one of the best casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

9 – Westgate

Westgate Casino has some of the most inspired rooms in Las Vegas. If I were forced to live in a casino for a year, the rooms at Westgate would be my pick. 

The Cromwell would be a close second, but I suppose Westgate appeals to my underlying “hipster” sensibilities. It may then be the world’s largest real money sportsbook that encompasses a massive swath of the casino space at Westgate.

The casino gambling is also out of this world. You’re going to have plenty of $5 tables to choose from, and it’s been my experience that I have much more fun playing for $5 per round than I do at $25.

The choice falls on you, but you definitely shouldn’t sleep on the Westgate.


There’s a seemingly endless array of casino choices in Las Vegas. If your favorite casino didn’t make this list, just slide it in as number 10 on my list!

The top 10 is still great company to be in for any casino. The nine best casinos in Las Vegas for craps lovers will lighten the load, smooth the edge, and provide you with a memorable night at the tables.

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