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The Joys of Playing Free Online Blackjack


Although the exact origins of Blackjack are
somewhat mysterious, it is believed that it originated in Spain or France in
the 17th century. However, it is possible that Blackjack’s origins
reach back even farther, perhaps all the way to Ancient Rome! The game rose to
popularity in America in the 1820s as it was introduced in New Orleans. Blackjack
was originally called 21 but then its name was changed to Blackjack. With the
rise of the internet, it was not long before it became possible to enjoy this
iconic casino game straight from one’s desktop or mobile browser.

Ever since its inception, there have been a
multitude of Blackjack variations that have branched out from the timeless original.
These include Blackjack with multiple hands and the existence or lack thereof of
insurance or doubling options just to name a few adjusted stipulations. The
variety of types of Blackjack games makes its possible for you to reinvent your
Blackjack experience so that it never grows dull.

The General Rules

The main goal of the typical game of
Blackjack is straightforward and involves acquiring a card value that is equal
to 21 or one that is closer in value to 21 than that of the dealer.
Additionally, you can win by acquiring an ace along with a card value of 10
which is called a Blackjack. As the player, you will have the option of
selecting as many cards as you wish; online Blackjack games typically have a
‘hit’ option which, when clicked on, causes the dealer to distribute more cards
to you.

The cards with a face value of 2-10 will be
valued according to their respective face values. However, the Jack, Queen and
King cards will all be valued at 10. The ace, on the other hand, can be recognised
as either a 1 or 11, whichever one favours the player.

Once you are satisfied with the cards in
your possession, you can click on ‘stand’ to compare your set of cards to those
of the dealer. If the total value of your cards is closer to 21 than that of
the dealer’s, then you win the round. If you’re lucky enough to land a value
equal to 21 on the first two cards that you’re dealt, then you will receive a
payout of 3-to-2 based on your bet amount. This is called a ‘Blackjack’ hand.

Why Online Blackjack?

Blackjack is first and foremost a game that
pits you against the dealer and has gained popularity over the years for
weaving an exquisite blend of luck and skill. Unlike many online casino games,
the decisions that you make in Blackjack will drastically determine your degree
of success.

Moreover, the rules of Blackjack are
relatively easy to understand and get a grasp on, making it a friendly game for
novice online casino players. It should be noted, however, that a further study
of the rules is typically required if you wish to have a solid grasp of the
strategic component of Blackjack and maximise your chances of besting the

Simply put, there’s just nothing like a quiet, relaxing evening on your armchair with your beverage of choice nearby enjoying your favourite Blackjack game! Playing blackjack online allows you to enjoy all the fun that Blackjack has to offer without the inconvenience of traveling to a physical casino or incurring the fees that you are typically charged there. Also, if you’re the kind of player who likes to multitask and mix up the fun, you can even play two different blackjack games at once with one on each browser tab!

Live Blackjack

Blackjack at land-based casinos and online Blackjack both certainly have their own appeal. If you wish to get the best of both worlds, then live casino Blackjack may very well catch your fancy! Live casino games are generally favoured by players who place a premium on realistic and immersive gameplay.

Live Blackjack essentially allows you to
enjoy Blackjack with the standard rules and gameplay intact but with the added
twist of a live dealer facilitating the games in real time as opposed to a
computer. In a typical live Blackjack game, you will have access to your own
private playing room complete with real live playing tables and facilitators. Moreover,
live games also generally allow you to interact with the dealer via live chat.

Ultimately, this element of realism and
interactivity has its charm because it closely replicates the experience and
excitement of betting on a land-based casino floor. If you’re looking for a unique
and immersive way to enjoy your favourite game of Blackjack, then look no
further than live Blackjack. Prepare to be blown away and kept on the edge of
your seat!

Mobile Blackjack

Mobile-based Blackjack takes accessibility
to the next level and allows you to experience the thrill of betting on your
favourite Blackjack game directly from your smartphone or tablet device. The
mobile versions of Blackjack games generally preserve the quality of their
desktop counterparts, making no compromises in terms of the quality of their
graphics and gameplay. For those of you who love the idea of playing on the go,
mobile Blackjack games are the answer!

Choosing the Right Provider for You

In choosing the Blackjack provider that
best resonates with you, it is important to take into account various
considerations such as whether you prefer old school or modern designs, how
much of a premium you place on responsive and seamless gameplay and a host of
other factors. Some notable and experienced providers of Blackjack that we
highly recommend include NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, Play’n GO, Playtech and

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