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The States of Sports Betting in America!


In an otherwise slow news week we take the opportunity to bring you an update on sports betting in America! We look at the states where it’s legal now, will be legal soon, and where it may never be legal at all! Also, when the pandemic is over, will Las Vegas ever host those famous buffets again?

Hello my friends! It’s that time again Time to find out what’s happening This Week in Gambling! Unfortunately though, it’s a little bit of a slow news wee. But we can take this opportunity to learn what’s happening with sports betting in America!

Did you know that half the states in this country now have legalized sports betting? Half! And another 17 have some legislation in place to regulate the activity. That’s a lot! 42 out of 50 states having sports betting! 84% of the states is not too shabby considering this was an industry that was otherwise illegal less than three short years ago! In fact it’s now easier to name the eight states that don’t have any sports betting activity:

Alaska, California, Idaho, Maine, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin!Of these eight states there are some that may never have gambling… states like Utah. Of course, we all know Utah has its own set of unique issues. Then there are states that have legalized gambling but not sports betting… states like Oklahoma. And finally there are states where this whole process could take years… states like California where the whole process is held up in political red tape. Of course, California has always been kind of a pain in the ass.

What’s really exciting, however, is sports betting in America where states have been regulating the activity for some time, and still continue to see record revenue growth! States like Pennsylvania and Colorado! Plus, there are now larger states which are moving toward regulating betting on sports… states like Texas and Florida! Although neither are likely to pass any sort of legislation this year.

And there are some states with existing sports betting legislation which are now thinking about expanding! States like Washington and New York! You can read all about these stories and many more when you visit our website at This Week in Gambling!

We have two new game reviews to share with you quickly, both are from Microgaming! First up it’s the Hyper Strike online slot, which is a five real game with 20 paylines that has Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins and a Bonus Game! Then there’s the Juicy Joker Mega Moolah slot, also with five reels and 20 paylines. But this comes with the Jackpot Wheel and the chance to win a life-changing Mega Jackpot! Both of these reviews and hundreds more are live right now on our YouTube channel.

Finally this week, as we slowly make our way out of this pandemic, some of you out there may be wondering will Las Vegas ever truly return to normal. Will it ever return to the way it used to be? Especially with those buffets? Well, rest easy my friends, because many experts agree the Las Vegas buffets will make a comeback… eventually. They just might have much larger sneeze guards in place! Personally speaking I love Las Vegas buffets! I mean, I might lose my ass at the tables, but Jay Todd’s gonna get even once he saddles up to that buffet!


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