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Unique Sports Betting Games in Online Casinos


In simple words, sports betting is when players bet on the outcome of different games or sports. While many casino players probably heard of the more popular sports betting games such as football, basketball, boxing, and Formula one, there is an extensive list of strange and lesser-known sports betting games you need to check out.

The Petrifying Cow Chip

Cow chip tossing is as easy as it sounds. Cow chip tossing is a game of throwing petrified cow dungs (you read that right) the farthest. This game is very famous among people in the Midwest and South. Contestants and onlookers will bet on who will throw the farthest and how further will the top 3 be. There are usually fix specifications on the width and length of the cow chips used in the competition.

During throws, counted are
only the largest or pieces that fit the criteria. Loose or smaller fragments
will not even if they land further than the biggest. The competition only
counts chips above six inches in diameter.

The Ever Popular Cornhole

Similar to cow chip tossing, Cornhole is another simple game that is mostly
played in teams or pairs Instead of cow dung, players throw bags filled with
corn kernels into the craved holes.

The carved holes are called the ‘dummy” holes or boards. It’s quite big in Asia and countries like Hong Kong give handsome payouts for the bettors.

In the pair games, two single players will compete with one another until
a winner is determined. As for the team matches, teams consisting of two
players each will compete with each other, the first team and player to reach
21 points wins the race.

Your Childhood Game of “Rock, Paper and Scissors”

Believe it or not, our childhood game is another famous sports betting
game. There are a few things players would be able to bet on in this game. The
first one would be the winning sign, (will the winner win by playing a scissor,
a paper, or a stone). The second one will be which opponent would win the race
as well as how long will the winning streak last.

Legendary NBA player, Michael Jordan is known to be a sports bettor in
this game. Recently, Michael Jordan was found betting in an online casino for
almost $100,000 of real money online on this game. There are even some rock,
paper, and scissor bet strategies online.

Online casino bookies these days accept bets for almost anything that is popular. The pregnancy of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opened up bettings for the possible gender as well as the date of birth of this royal baby. Even Game of the Thrones created a big buzz as every episode in this series was an opportunity in the sports betting realm. The weirdest ones are the bets placed for world end. Bookies have opened wagers on the predicted years the world might end which started from 2012 and goes up to 2022. We are not sure about placing a bet on the last one, but do check out the rest of the games listed if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

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