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Vegas Casino Workers to Receive Covid Vaccine


 February 3, 2021

In an effort to get the state’s economy back on track, Vegas casino workers will be some of the first to get the Covid vaccination as “essential workers”. The Employment Department estimates there are more than 300,000 people working in the leisure and hospitality industry at the end of last year, which accounts for about a quarter of the state’s total workforce.

Nevada has made the decision to move gaming industry workers up on the list of people who can receive the COVID-19 vaccination, and the Gaming Control Board wants to learn if workers who have direct contact with tourists are willing to receive the vaccine so that they can determine a distribution plan.

Gaming regulators sent non-restricted gaming license holders a survey to gather numbers that will help state and county health agencies roll out a vaccination plan. The state considers casino and resort workers in the fourth category of eligibility for the vaccine as part of the state’s front-line and essential workforce lane, slotting behind workers in education, agriculture, and some state and local government employees.

You can read more about plans to inoculate Vegas casino workers at Eater Las Vegas.


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