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Vegas Casinos Change Slot Ticket Redemption

Vegas Casinos Change Slot Ticket Redemption

Many Las Vegas casinos are changing the rules for slot ticket redemption in a way that could hurt you if you’re not careful. And while not much feels better than winning on a slot machine after a long session, nothing would feel worse than finding out that ticket expired. Yes, expired… and with it your winnings.

Traditionally, slot players have had a generous window to cash in those vouchers, called “ticket in, ticket out”, or TITO. That window ranged from of 90 to 180 days, or three to six months. And while many casinos would honor expired tickets it was still the risk to hold them past their expiration date.

Now, things are changing. Some casinos tightening the window on slot ticket redemption to just 30 days. This shortened period has raised some concerns, not only because some find it a bit deceitful, but because many players don’t read that fine print on the vouchers. And many players like to hold onto them, believing they can cash them in on their next trip to Sin City.

Here;s the new truth, however. If you don’t cash in that ticket within the new 30-day window, that nest trip might end up being a real bummer while costing you a lot more than you planned. And while we could not find a comprehensive list for slot ticket redemption rules across Vegas, we did compile a few listed below. And we highly recommend you take a moment to read that fine print… even if you need your readers (we did).

A few of the casinos rules we did find were for properties like the Wynn, Encore, El Cortez, Circus Circus, Plaza, and Ellis Island which all require the vouchers be redeemed withing 60 days. Worse than that, there is only a 30 day window for slot ticket redemption at Treasure Island and the Golden Nugget. The Westgate was more generous, allowing up to 120 days. And the most generous was a more traditional 180 days at Casino Royale... for as long as they’re still open.

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