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Vegas Strike Averted as Agreements Reached

Vegas Strike Averted as Agreements Reached

 November 10, 2023

Yesterday we reported that Caesars Entertainment has reached an agreement with the Union to avoid a Vegas strike. Today we can share that Wynn and MGM Resorts have also come to an agreement with workers to avoid a work stoppage. Union representatives reported earlier today that a “tentative agreement” had been reached with the two remaining resorts that will get employees new new five-year contracts, narrowly missing today’s 5am deadline.

The 11th hour deal to avoid a Las Vegas strike comes just days before the Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled to begin, with the 100,000 tourists expected to come with it. And while no specific details have been released by any of the parties, most believe that all three agreements are similar in scope and compensation. That would mean cost of living increases in pat, bringing back daily house keeping services, and even safeguards to protect workers from the threat of artificial intelligence taking their positions.

Speaking in regard to the new contract agreement with MGM, CEO William Hornbuckle said that the company is pleased that a new agreement was reached, adding that it gives their Culinary employees “…a well-earned boost to pay and benefits and reduces workloads – all while continuing to provide opportunities for growth and advancement.” That’s a great sound bite, but mean less when part of a last minute deal, with the threat of a Vegas strike hanging over the city.

Now that this deal is done, employees and tourists can get back to preparations for the big race next week. And while there has been much attention paid to the impact of a Las Vegas strike on F1, there is also the Super Bowl coming to town in February next year. And let’s not forget that the city recently added The Sphere, has plans for a new baseball stadium, and several new resorts. So growth across Sin City will continue in the coming years, making the new labor contract that much more important.


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