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What’s New at the Horseshoe Las Vegas?


Now that the Horseshoe Las Vegas has opened following their transition from Bally’s, we’re taking a look around! We have a look at the new Hall of Fame Poker Room, Jack Binion’s Steak House, and the new Arcade! Plus, a visit to a unique eatery in the Grand Bizarre Shops out in front of the Horseshoe! But when we were there in late April, there was still a lot of construction to avoid!

Hello friends! And welcome to this special edition of This Week in Gambling. Jay Todd here outside of the Horseshoe Las Vegas. It’s open now, but if it looks familiar that’s because it was Bally’s since 1986. And now, it’s the Horseshoe. They had their grand opening just a few weeks ago, which begs the question: Besides the name what else has changed? Well, let’s take a look inside! The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is the carpet. It’s brand new and covered in horseshoes, but it does lack that “new carpet smell”. Maybe that’s a good thing?!

To your right is the Hall of Fame Poker Room. At a time when it’s more and more difficult to find poker, Horseshoe Las Vegas has actually expanded to 18 tables! With several tournaments a day and cash tables… with both limit and no limit hold ’em, as well as different Omaha games. Further back is Binion’s Steak House, named for the legendary Jack Binion, son of Benny Binion, who owned the original Horseshoe! Prices start at just over $80 and go up to $150, if you want a Porterhouse. Downstairs you’ll find the Arcade, with 7,000 feet of fun and more than 80 games! It even has a bar! Upstairs, the rooms have also been remodeled. They are clean, modern, and reasonably priced… and some have pretty awesome views.

Outside of the Horseshoe, however, it’s a little bit different story. Things aren’t quite as complete. While the new Horseshoe sign is still under construction, getting around out front can be challenging. There is a maze of scaffolding and detours that take some navigating, but it should be gone in a month or so. Once you get to the shops themselves you’ll find the usual restaurants, candy stores, souvenirs, and ticket agencies. But a closer look found one of our new, favorite  must-stop shops in Las Vegas: Duck Donuts! And we caught up with Cedric, their brand ambassador!

Cedric had this to say: “Hey! What’s going on guys! It’s Cedric here, the brand ambassador at Duck Donuts inside of Grand Bazaar… It’s going live! The only place that do custom-made Donuts! Ain’t you tired of going to donut shops and you just pick and choose a donut you want? They just throw it in the box and get you out of there! We don’t do that here… we wait till you choose the one you like! Once you choose it, they start making the donuts!”

Yes, after selecting the type of donut you want the team behind the counter builds your donut to order as you watch! Sort of like those popular sandwich shops! Who knew there were so many ways to make a donut? And they are all fresh and amazing! Even their maple bacon donut! So, that’s a wrap here at Duck Donuts outside of the Horseshoe Las Vegas in the Grand Bazaar shops… hey made me this special! It’s Oreo!

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