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Who’s Up at the Las Vegas Sphere After U2?

Who’s Up at the Las Vegas Sphere After U2?

The amazing Las Vegas Sphere opened in the summer of last year, and the very first act was the world renown rock band U2. They blew the roof (can we call it a roof?) off the Sphere every month since, but their time at the venue is coming to an end in early March. And the question is who will follow them?

Well, there have been lots of rumors floating around, but several days ago the folks at the Las Vegas Sphere finally made an official announcement. And while the next band may be more mellow and not as famous, their mellow music should still fill the arena!

Phish has officially signed on to deliver a total of four shows this April, and all four will be unique. The band will play four different set lists, and use different props and spinning visuals,  all while delivering their unique and pristine sound to Sin City.

“From the moment we first heard about the Las Vegas Sphere and its potential, we’ve been dreaming up ways to bring our show to this breathtaking canvas,” said Trey Anastasio, Phish guitarist and vocalist, in a statement. “We’re thrilled to present this completely unique experience to Phish fans.”

The shows are set to begin April 18th, with the other three running through the 21st. And if you’re disappointment about the short stay, remember that originally U2 was only supposed to play a handful of shows in September and October before having their resend ency extended all the way into the next year!

Fans of Phish already know that the band is famous for not playing the same show twice, but with the amazing sound system, the wraparound LED screens, and the interactive seating, the band’s creativity will really shine through. More information and packages can be found at this Phish website page.


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