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Will 2023 be the Year of Cashless Gambling?


Here we are, barely into the New Year, and we were wondering what we could look forward to in 2023. Some feel that cashless gambling will soon sweep the nation, as in previous years when we’ve seen the explosion of sports betting and online betting.

Recently, our friends at Yogonet interviewed Noah Acres of Acres Manufacturing about how cashless gambling could be the next ‘big thing’. His company deploys cashless solutions in multiple casinos and gaming venues across America, so he may have an opinion on the matter.

His company’s product, Cashless Casino, is considered the leader in cashless solutions. With over 20,000 cashless gaming machines spread across several states, the belief is that the trend will continue… especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, here at This Week in Gambling we’ve covered this story in the past, with two stories on the topic back in 2020. The first was in June, when the speculation was that COVID would lead to completely cashless casinos, which is the trend we’re seeing now. The second was in August when it seemed it was the players seeking cashless options for gambling.

These cashless system allows players to get their money straight out of gambling machines without having to visit an ATM or stick bills into a deposit slot. Instead, they just use their casino loyalty card to load their secure digital wallet at the casino, either using a “cash cage” sort of solution or directly at a slot machine.

Mr. Acres stated that the true benefit of this system, besides the added security, is the overall player experience. And Acres Manufacturing, he added, is helping to create this game changing new content management system which could make 2023 the year of cashless gambling!

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