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William Hill Super Bowl Betting Debacle


This week’s gambling news is all about the recent troubles for William Hill Super Bowl betting in the state of Nevada! First up, the William Hill app crashed just prior to the Super Bowl betting frenzy! Second, they are shelling out tens of thousands in “free sports bets” to make up for the crash! And third, the Nevada Gaming Control Board just busted a William Hill embezzlement scheme by some of their employees!

Hello friends, I’m back in my home studio and ready to bring you this week’s gambling news… starting with a rough week for William Hill Super Bowl betting, and the issues they’ve had lately. Well, several issues, actually. And it’s all in the state of Nevada! First the good news, as betting on the Super Bowl this year set all kinds of new records! Americans across the country placed over 100 million bets on the big game! That’s 25% more than last year! States across the country set all sorts of new revenue highs… but not Nevada.

You see, on the biggest sports betting day of the year… just moments before kickoff… the William Hill app and Nevada crashed! And it crashed hard! There was no mobile betting available. No online betting. Hell, people couldn’t even place bets on those little kiosks they have at the casinos! Talk about your bad timing! This is significant because if it can happen in Nevada, it could happen anywhere in the country! Making matters worse, some players who had made their bets before the crash occurred went into casinos after the game went over to collect their winnings and we’re told they weren’t going to be paid!

However, I’m absolutely sure that’s not true, and was probably said in a moment of confusion. After all, William Hill is one of the largest sports books in the world! And they’re owned by Caesar’s Entertainment who’s governed by the laws of the state of Nevada! So I can’t imagine that they would not honor their bets. Additionally, the state Gaming Control Board is now investigating this matter.

Even though, at the time I was filming this, there had been no explanation provided for the crash. However, the app is back up and running now… even though there’s no way to go back in time and recover any of that action. Now, no one knows for sure how much this little mishap costs William Hill… or Caesars… or the state! But Super Bowl betting in Nevada last year was nearly $180 million! This year, it barely reached $150 million!

What’s more is that William Hill is now pouring thousands of dollars their players accounts in what they’re calling “free sports bets” to make up for the outage and say how sorry they are. So, in addition to losing all that action on the Super Bowl, they’re giving away a lot of money. And in the midst of all the William Hill Super Bowl betting trouble, authorities just busted William Hill employees in an embezzlement scheme!

The Nevada Gaming Control Board recently broke up an embezzlement scheme being run by a couple of their employees! Well, former employees… what with them being arrested and all. Details about how they pulled off this little scam of theirs were not provided because why teach others how to do it? However, according to court documents, they got away with about a hundred thousand dollars! Which ironically should just about cover their bail money.

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